Recover Your Systems and Data from Disaster with Confidence

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Having a disaster recovery plan is critical to your organizations’ success. When a critical system goes down, whether from ransomware or natural disaster, you’ll suffer lost revenue and productivity until normal operations resume.

Enterprise customers struggle to implement adequate business continuity and data or application resiliency. In 2022:

  • 48% of respondents to a Frost & Sullivan survey about cloud infrastructure and service usage stated that “implementing resiliency or backup plans for apps and data” was a crucial or very important challenge.1

Modern organizations are searching for disaster recovery that can meet their business requirements, without breaking their budget. More importantly, they need the confidence their business will not only survive the disaster, but ultimately thrive after it.

Introducing Carbonite Recover for Google Cloud Platform

One solution is to move disaster recovery (DR) to the cloud to capitalize on its scale, availability and cost efficiencies. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) uses software to replicate workloads, data and system settings to the cloud. In the event of a disaster, data and applications housed in the cloud are spun up as a secondary production site and remain operational until the primary site resumes operations.

OpenText Cybersecurity proudly announces Carbonite Recover with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now organizations have their choice of private or public cloud to protect and recover from natural disasters and malware, including ransomware.

Carbonite Recover, a DRaaS solution, reduces the risk of unexpected downtime by securely replicating critical systems to the cloud, ensuring that an up-to-date copy is available when needed. Organizations can realize several benefits with Recover.

  • Streamline business continuity and disaster recovery operations and improve efficiency with easy deployment and management.
  • Eliminate the cost of managing and staffing a physical, secondary site.
  • Gain confidence in their data protection strategy with non-disruptive, self-service tests and failover reports.

Easily Deploy and Manage

Easily manage and replicate between your physical, virtual and cloud-based critical systems through a single console. In addition, you can streamline operations with orchestration to automate recovery operations or establish thresholds to immediately failover to the secondary environment.

These tools help minimize the impact to the business with recover time objectives (RTO) measured in minutes and recover point objectives (RPO) measure in seconds.

Save Costs with Public Cloud

Managing a secondary site for disaster recovery can be expensive and draining on your staff. The cost of redundant hardware, data center space, and additional staff to keep the environment up-to-date is not a viable option for many organizations. Rather, utilizing a public cloud like Google Cloud Platform, eliminates the cost and resources of a secondary, physical site. With the flexibility to scale up or down your resources, public cloud is an attractive disaster recovery option.

Maintain Confidence in the Face of Disaster

Carbonite Recover helps instill confidence that your disaster recovery will work as planned:

  • Identify and protect all systems. Recover will auto-discover systems, configure the system with a data protection service, and begin replicating data continuously to Google Cloud Platform or the private cloud.  No longer will you be surprised that systems were overlooked or not accounted for in your disaster recovery plan.
  • Unlimited self-tests. With non-disruptive, self-service tests and failover reports, you can test and update your DR plans as often as you like. If you team is stretched too thin or you need an extra set of hands or eyes, our Professional Services team is available.

By identifying all your systems and successfully running self-tests, you know you have a reliable DR plan to your organizations’ recovery requirements.

Experience Industry-Leading Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Carbonite Recover is an industry leader helping organizations protect their critical systems and data with proven technology.  Earlier this year, Recover received the Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for DRaaS;

OpenText DRaaS Offers Industry-Leading Environment Protection with Minimal Business Disruption, Fast Recovery When Needed.2

Now, with support for Google Cloud Platform, Recover offers organizations an even greater choice in how they protect and recover their organization from disasters.

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