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Cybersecurity Guests

MSSP Alert’s guest bloggers include experts in managed security services, business building and scaling, security operations centers (SOCs), talent development, cybersecurity, malware, phishing, ransomware, threat mitigation and more.

Emerging Cybersecurity Trends That May Impact Your SMB Clients

As hackers continue to evolve their tricks and tactics, so too must your threat detection capabilities. Huntress unpacks some recent trends.

The Pipeline Attack – Is Log Analysis Enough for Cybersecurity?

Many MSSP’s use SIEMs and other log management/aggregation/analysis solutions for cybersecurity visibility. But is log analysis enough?

Security Leaders are Focusing on Consolidating Their Tech and Vendor Stack

Improve cybersecurity by reducing technology complexity and streamlining vendors, causing fewer silos and headaches, Netsurion explains.

Microsoft Releases Fixes for 4 Zero Day Exchange Server Vulnerabilities

New attacks against tens of thousands of Internet accessible Exchange servers configured for SSL, TLS, and OWA have been reported.

Defining XDR from an MSSP Perspective

What is eXtended Detection and Response (XDR)? Cybereason’s Stephan Tallent describes XDR, and the implications for MSSPs and security partners.

Why All MSPs Should Employ A Password Management Solution

MSPs have privileged access to customer systems & countless passwords, making them attractive hacker targets. Password management can mitigate those risks.

3 Must-Have Requirements When Selecting Your Next (or First) SIEM

While not comprehensive, evaluating a SIEM platform’s capabilities across the following areas offers a solid start, Sumo Logic says.

Ransomware, BEC and Phishing Still Top Concerns, per 2021 Threat Report

2021 Webroot BrightCloud Threat Report reveals greatest cybersecurity challenges facing MSPs, MSSPs and businesses.

Get More Productivity with Web Single Sign-On

Secure web single sign-on (SSO) is a powerful authentication strategy that doesn’t require clients to change their passwords on a regularly.

Alerts, Events, Incidents: Where Should Your Security Team Focus?

Hint: Three forms of machine learning empower MSSPs & SOC analysts to more effectively navigate alerts, events & incidents, Stellar Cyber says.