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Cybersecurity Guests

MSSP Alert’s guest bloggers include experts in managed security services, business building and scaling, security operations centers (SOCs), talent development, cybersecurity, malware, phishing, ransomware, threat mitigation and more.

A Smarter Way of Talking about Security with Customers

Businesses should think about cybersecurity in terms of risk. What risks are acceptable? Which aren’t? How can you reduce your cyber-risks over time?

5 Mistakes You’re Making In Your QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews)

Over 50% of MSSPs lack formal client QBRs even though it’s a relatively easy way to demonstrate your added value. Netsurion shares five QBR mistakes partners need to avoid.

5 Cybersecurity Headlines All MSPs Should Know

Here are some of the biggest cybersecurity stories from recent weeks, and how MSPs can mitigate these hacker & ransomware threats, according to Datto.

MSPs and Customer Risk Assessments: Make Them Mandatory

Five reasons why risk assessments should be a non-negotiable part of any MSP cybersecurity and business strategy, according to ConnectWise.

Meeting a Russian Ransomware Cell

SonicWall’s Brook Chelmo goes inside the minds that operate a real-world Russian ransomware cell, gaining a secure channel to its young leader “Twig”.

MSP Cloud Presence Concerns

As cybercriminals target cloud service provider (CSP) infrastructure, will the risks extend to MSPs and MSSPs? WatchGuard takes a look at the variables.

Zeppelin Ransomware Targets Healthcare, Technology Companies, And More

Zeppelin is the newest member of the Delphi-based Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) family initially known as Vega or VegaLocker, Cylance explains.

The Human Element: Preventing Social Engineering Attacks

Email is one of the most common social engineering channels. SolarWinds MSP explains how to mitigate risks associated with that attack vector.

4 Tips to Help MSPs Defeat Ransomware

Datto’s recent survey of more than 1,400 of its MSP partners provides detail on ransomware, including year over year trends, frequency, targets, and more.

SOC-as-a-Service, MDR, and Managed SIEM. What’s the Difference?

MSPs & MSSPs must navigate numerous cybersecurity terms & technologies. Here are some key definitions & decision points to consider, according to Netsurion.