Cybersecurity Guests

Guest blogs are part of MSSP Alert’s sponsorship program. MSSP Alert’s guest bloggers include experts in managed security services, MDR (managed detection and response), business building and scaling, security operations centers (SOCs), talent development, cybersecurity, malware, phishing, ransomware, threat mitigation and more.

How Cloud SOAR Mitigates The Cybersecurity Skill Gap Problem In Modern SOCs

Here are five ways CISOs and MSSP leaders can lessen the impact of the cybersecurity skills gap, according to SUMO LOGIC.

Learn To Think Like A Hacker At hack_it 2021.2

This hack_it virtual conference will help MSPs build stronger defenses by diving into attacker tactics, techniques & procedures, Huntress says.

Ransomware is the Tip of the Iceberg—Can Open XDR / XDR avoid you becoming the Titanic?

Here’s how Open XDR can mitigate ransomware risks for MSSPs and their end-customers.

EDR Security Strategies vs. Ransomware Attacks

Video interview: Where does EDR (endpoint detection and response) fit in an overall strategy vs ransomware? Fortinet VP Jonathan Nguyen-Duy explains.

Strong Relationships Matter More When MSPs Consolidate Vendors

MSPs that consolidate around a single security vendor gain operational efficiencies, simplified billing cycles, product integrations & more, according to WatchGuard.

How MSSPs Can Mitigate Insider Threats for Their Customers

The Covid crisis & the ensuing move to remote work left many businesses unprepared for insider threats. Here’s how to mitigate insider risks.

What Is Driving the Surge In Ransomware Attacks?

MSSPs must balance efficiency and effectiveness to beat today’s ransomware. Cybereason VP Stephan Tallent explains how.

A Brief Evolution Of Hacker Tradecraft

MSPs that understand how hackers are evolving their tradecraft can better prepare for tomorrow cybersecurity threats, MDR company Huntress asserts.

NIST’s Ransomware Guidelines Look A Lot Like Cyber Resilience

When NIST published ransomware-specific recommendations for businesses, the guidance resembled a cyber resilience framework, Webroot says.

Everything About XDR Is Around Correlations, Not Hype

Here are two things for MSSPs to consider while researching XDR security solutions, according to Stellar Cyber VP Brian Stoner.