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Cybersecurity Guests

MSSP Alert’s guest bloggers include experts in managed security services providers, cybersecurity, malware, phishing, ransomware, threat mitigation and more.

Cyberattack Victim? Tips to Help Get Your Company Back Up and Running

Five key moves to restore your business — or keep it online — amid a cyberattack, according to AppRiver.

The Proactive Security Approach

Stop chasing the latest malware, ransomware and cybersecurity threat. Instead, build a secure security platform. Sophos explains how.

MSSP Advisory: Latest Ransomware Threats Demand Multi-Layer Protection

Recent WannaCry & Petya ransomware attacks delivered wake-up calls to MSSPs & MSPs. Webroot describes how Multi-Layer Protection can block such attacks.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Bundles Unlock MSP Revenue Opportunities

Microsoft 365 and other cloud services from the technology giant set the stage for more partner opportunities — including cyber security.

Why Should MSSPs Look to Synchronized Security?

Synchronized Security can help lighten a busy MSSP’s workload while also patching gaps in the overall security perimeter you’ve created for your clients.

MSSPs: The Future is Bright

Managed security promises growth for companies of all sizes, yet doing this well is no job for the weak at heart. Here are considerations for succeeding in the next 12 months.

How MSSPs Can Leverage Machine Learning to Combat Malware & PUAs

Ransomware and PUAs can trigger operational problems for MSSPs’ clients and damage MSSP reputations. Follow these Webroot tips to overcome the challenges.

Making the Switch From MSP to MSSP

How MSPs are becoming full-blown managed security services providers (MSSPs), overseeing all cybersecurity for customers. Sophos explains the journey.

Multi-Vector Attacks Demand Multi-Vector Protection

Learn how multi-vector endpoint protection solutions provide multiple chances at multiple attack stages to stop a threat before an infection can succeed.

5 Simple Steps for End User Cybersecurity Education, Enforcement

Here are 5 simple steps you can teach end users that will help keep hackers from wreaking havoc on customer systems, according to AppRiver.