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Cybersecurity Automation and Orchestrated Intelligence from Cyware

Cyber security automation turns threat intelligence into intelligent action. Consolidate TIP and SOAR, collaborate seamlessly, and improve security operations with intelligent, AI-driven orchestrated response from Cyware.

Cyware offers modular security automation platforms for security teams. More than just a security automation tool, Cyber Fusion unites threat intel and SOAR to automate any security tool, orchestrate any environment, and collaborate across any boundary, to yield more intelligent threat response.

Threat Intel Solutions Designed for Collaboration: Multiply your forces for threat detection, analysis, and security incident response by operationalizing high-confidence human and machine-processed threat intelligence

SOAR Solutions Built for Low-Code Automation: Security Orchestration and Automation Decoupled from Response (SOA-R) to enhance case management and extend orchestration utility to all teams, assets, and tools.

Cyware’s Partner Program

The CywareOne partner program enables those organizations that have built an established and mature practice around security consulting, selling security solutions, managed security services, or a combination of these three offerings, to offer more customizable solutions that improve effectiveness and efficiency for customers of all industries, sizes, and geographies.

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