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Stellar Cyber Open XDR for MSSPs includes Next Gen SIEM, TIP, UEBA, FIM, NDR, IDS, Malware Analysis, SOAR, and more under a single license, helping MSSPs deliver comprehensive security services for IT and OT environments.

With Stellar Cyber, you can automatically ingest, normalize, and analyze your customers’ data to identify active threats in their IT and OT environments. With over 400 pre-built integrations, you can quickly integrate virtually any tools your customers use into the platform. If you need a new integration to satisfy a customer’s need, we will deliver it free of charge. That is our commitment to you.

From Detection Through Response

Stellar Cyber delivers comprehensive threat lifecycle management, from initial detection through threat correlation and response. With Stellar Cyber, your team can complete their investigations and responses from a single platform, boosting productivity and efficiency.

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