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Cybersecurity Breaches and Attacks

MSSP Alert’s news coverage and analysis of cybersecurity breaches and attacks — including hackers, malware, viruses, worms, ransomware, distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), phishing, stolen passwords, social engineering and more.

Wolters Kluwer Malware Attack Cleanup: IRS Grants Tax Filing Extension

After malware attacks Wolters Kluwer’s cloud-based tax systems, the IRS extends the tax filing deadline for the company‚Äôs customers. Was MegaCortex ransomware involved?

Ransomware Attack Triggered ConnectWise Manage EU Outage

Ransomware caused the recent ConnectWise Manage EU outage, but no data was lost and no EU compliance issues are expected from the incident, and new security safeguards are in place, the company says.

DHS Statement: Some MSPs, IT Consultants Weaken Office 365 Security

Microsoft Office 365 cybersecurity is poorly configured by some MSPs & IT consulting firms, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) states. Take these 5 corrective steps.

RYUK Ransomware Hits MSP-Centric Cloud Service Provider

RYUK Ransomware attacks cloud service provider (CSP) that works closely with MSPs. Here’s what happened plus data recovery process details.

Baltimore Ransomware Attack: RobbinHood Malware Recovery Continues

Baltimore ransomware recovery & investigation continues, Baltimore Mayor Bernard (“Jack”) Young says. FBI investigates multiple RobbinHood malware attacks.

Git Ransomware Attack Prompts Secure Best Practices Recommendations

Atlassian Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab share joint blog post to promote secure best practices in the wake of a Git ransomware incident.

Baltimore Ransomware Attack: RobbinHood Encrypts City Servers

RobbinHood ransomware attack infects Baltimore, Maryland, city servers. Hackers demand $76,000. City declines to pay ransomware amid disaster recovery efforts.

Hackers Attack Charles River Labs, Breach Big Pharma

Hackers attack & breach Charles River Labs, an outsourced researcher to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Wipro Hackers May Date Back to 2015

Wipro’s data breach last month was the result of threat actors dating back to 2017 or possibly 2015, business risk intelligence company Flashpoint says.

Kentucky School District Recovers $3.7M from Phishing Incident

Scott County School District of Kentucky recovers $3.7 million stolen via a phishing indicent and associated cyber wire fraud transaction.