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Cybersecurity Breaches and Attacks

MSSP Alert’s news coverage and analysis of cybersecurity breaches and attacks — including hackers, malware, viruses, worms, ransomware, distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), phishing, stolen passwords, social engineering and more.

European Bank Cyberattack: Hackers Attempt $14.65 Million Theft

Hackers attack Bank of Valletta, create false accounts & attempt to steal $14.65 million. Bank operations resumed Thursday after a complete shutdown on Wednesday.

Hackers Destroy VFEmail in “Catastrophic” Takedown Without Obvious Motive

VFEmail, a privacy-focused email service provider, suffers “catastrophic destruction” from hacker attack.

Email Phishers Target Anti-Money Laundering Officers at U.S. Credit Unions

Email phishers target anti-money laundering agents at credit unions, a KrebsonSecurity report said.

DHS Warning: runc Container Vulnerability Threatens Docker, Kubernetes

How to patch the runc Container Vulnerability (CVE-2019-5736) that impacts Docker & Kubernetes. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Red Hat & Amazon Web Services (AWS) instructions.

Google Gmail Fraud: Hackers Exploit ‘Dot Accounts’ for Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals use Google Gmail “dot accounts” to open fake credit card accounts & perform other fraudulent activities, email security firm Agari says.

Hackers Target Particular ConnectWise Plugin to Kaseya VSA Platform

Fewer than 130 MSPs worldwide were at risk. But an unknown number of end-customer systems got attacked. it’s a timely reminder for MSPs to carefully maintain their own infrastructure and vendors’ software updates.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield: European Data Protection Board’s Report

What did the Second Annual Review of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield reveal? Hunton Andrews Kurth offers perspectives.

Side-Channel Vulnerabilities: What Are They, and How to Address Them

The National Security Agency (NSA) updates its guidance on side-channel vulnerabilities, and key ways to safeguard microprocessors from Spectre & Meltdown holes.

Matrix Ransomware Potentially Dangerous, Sophos Warns

A little seen, low-key ransomware dubbed Matrix has the potential to disrupt networks on a wide scale, security software specialist Sophos warned in a new research report.

Maryland Police Department: Ransomware Attack ‘Worst’ in Its History

The Salisbury, Maryland Police Department experiences a ransomware attack in which a hacker locks down its network files & demands money to recover them.