Cybersecurity Breaches and Attacks

MSSP Alert’s news coverage and analysis of cybersecurity breaches and attacks — including hackers, malware, viruses, worms, ransomware, distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), phishing, stolen passwords, social engineering and more.

DOJ Charges Network Security Consultant With Alleged Medical Center Cyberattack

The U.S. Department of Justice alleges Securolytics COO Vikas Singla launched cyberattack vs. Georgia’s Gwinnett Medical Center.

Volkswagen Partner Data Breach: Audi Supply Chain Cyberattack Details

Volkswagen marketing partner suffers data breach; supply chain data leak involves 3.3 million Audi customers & prospects.

McDonald’s Data Breach: Cyberattack Timeline and Incident Details

McDonald’s discloses data breach. Hackers allegedly steal data from fast food restaurant chain. Cybersecurity consultants assist investigation.

Electronic Arts Cyberattack, Breach and Data Theft: Timeline and Incident Details

Electronic Arts confirms data breach. Hackers allegedly steal EA video game source code and associated tools. Criminal investigation under way.

FBI Investigating 100 Ransomware Variants

The FBI is examining 100 different ransomware variants & now considers ransomware attacks as terrorism, FBI Director Christopher Wray tells the Wall Street Journal.

JBS Meat Supplier Cyberattack Timeline, Payment and Recovery Details

REvil ransomware gang allegedly probed JBS network for several months before activating ransomware attack on meat supplier, SecurityScorecard reports.

Accellion Vulnerabilities, Cyberattacks, Victims, Lawsuits: Customer List and Status Updates

Accellion cyberattack victim list: Banks, universities, telecom companies & businesses that disclosed Accellion File Transfer Appliance hack.

Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack: Timeline and Ransomware Attack Recovery Details

Colonial Pipeline cyberattack details: DarkSide ransomware timeline, investigation & recovery updates involving FireEye, CISA, FBI, Biden administration & more.

SolarWinds Hacker Encore: Russia Phishing Attacks Target U.S. Government Agencies

U.S. legislators urge President Biden to tighten economic sanctions vs. Russia amid Microsoft report of Russia-led phishing attacks.

DHS Issues Cyberattack Disclosure Policies for Pipeline Owners

MSSPs may need to adjust cybersecurity packaging, SLAs and cyberattack disclosure policies as more U.S. federal regulations emerge.