Malware cyberattacks, victims, recovery efforts and MSSP mitigation steps.

Media Companies Doubly Susceptible to Cyberattacks, Top 250 MSSP BlueVoyant Finds

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Because media companies rely heavily on third-party providers to produce and distribute content, they’re more likely to be malware targets.

CISA: Top 11 Malware Strains for 2021 Feature RATs, Trojans, Macro Downloaders, Loaders

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CISA and the Australian Cyber Security Centre have jointly compiled an advisory of the top malware strains for 2021.

SonicWall: Ransomware Global Cyberattack Volume Shrinks, Still Exceeds Totals for 2017-2019

Although ransomware cyberattack volume slid, malware rose 11% — including a 77% spike in Internet of Things (IoT) malware, SonicWall found.

New Callback Malware Campaign Impersonates Legitimate Cybersecurity Providers

Hackers tricked targets by pressuring them to call back fraudulent phone numbers that they claim are from well-known cybersecurity providers.

WithSecure Issues Alert of DUCKTAIL Malware Targeting Facebook Ads

WithSecure says, with “high confidence,” that the operation is the work of a Vietnamese threat actor and it’s motives are financially driven.

ESET Discovers Malware Attack on Mac Systems Dubbed “CloudMensis”

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ESET believes that CloudMensis’ “very limited distribution” is the part of a targeted operation against Macs.

How Evilnum Cyberattacks Target Microsoft Office Files

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Evilnum, an advanced persistent threat (APT) actor, infects Microsoft Office software to deliver its malicious payload to victims’ machines.

Hackers Use Remote Access Trojan to Target Home Office Routers

Cybercriminals have been using a remote access trojan to target small office/home office (SOHO) devices for nearly two years, Lumen Technologies reports.

Record-Breaking Year for Ransomware Attacks, WatchGuard Research Predicts

A “massive explosion” in ransomware detections in Q1 of 2022 should prompt organizations globally to double down on their cybersecurity efforts, WatchGuard’s quarterly Internet Security Report asserts.

Kaspersky: TunnelSnake Campaign Targeting Diplomatic Bureaus in Asia, Africa

TunnelSnake malware gives attacker nearly unlimited control over a computer’s operating system, endpoint security software company Kaspersky says.