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Report: MoneyTaker Hackers Stole $10 Million from U.S., Russia Banks Using Stealthy Malware

Russia-tied hackers dubbed MoneyTaker stole up to $10 million from global banks in the last 18 months, Group-IB, a Moscow-based security provider uncovered.

Neuron and Nautilus Malware Tools: Here’s What MSSPs Need to Know

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issues a warning about Neuron & Nautilus, malicious tools used by Turla group hackers to launch cyberattacks.

Comodo Offers Free One-Time Use of Website Malware Removal Service

Comodo launches a free website malware removal & cleanup service paired with security operations centers (SOCs) globally.

Did Dell Backup, Recovery Website Spread Malware?

A Dell website may have been temporarily commandeered a few months ago by allegedly known malware spammers, according to a KrebsOnSecurity report.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreads Worldwide; Cybereason Discovers Vaccine?

Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks organizations worldwide. Cybereason claims to discover vaccine for the malware outbreak, which encrypts victim’s hard drives.

Equifax Flunked Index Provider’s Cybersecurity Test A Year Ago

A financial index provider foretold Equifax’s data breach more than a year ago, saying the rating agency “is vulnerable to data theft & security breaches.”

Equifax Breach Suffers Outrage Fatigue

Don’t give Equifax your time, data or attention. They lost our trust. They need to re-earn it. Focus on the people, products & institutions we CAN trust.

More Russia: Tensions Mount Over Another NSA Cybersecurity Breach

Did Russia hack the NSA (National Security Agency) & White House Chief of Staff John Kelly — and was Kaspersky Lab’s software partly involved?

Sonic Drive-In Security Breach: How to Get Free Identity Theft Protection

Sonic Drive-In offers free fraud detection & identity theft protection following a cybersecurity breach at some fast food chain restaurant locations.

Apple Mac Firmware Security Vulnerabilities: 5 Steps to Mitigate Malware Risks

Failure to properly update Apple Mac EFI firmware can lead to cybersecurity vulnerabilities & malware, Duo research reveals. Here are five corrective steps.