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Cybersecurity Markets

MSSP Alert’s coverage of cybersecurity news and events across regions (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific) and target markets (small, SMB, midmarket, enterprise).

DFS’s Cybersecurity Regulation: What Your Company Should Have Done

Organizations covered by New York’s Cybersecurity Regulation for Financial Service Companies must take stock of their compliance efforts before pushing deeper into 2019.

U.S. Lawmakers Propose Bill to Ban Sales of U.S. Gear to Huawei, ZTE

Congressional lawmakers from both sides of the aisle proposed bills on Wednesday to ban exports of chips or other gear to Huawei, ZTE and any Chinese telecom that runs afoul of U.S. sanctions or export laws.

SEC Charges Hackers with $4 Million Securities Trading Scam

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) files fraud charges against Russian, Ukrainian and U.S. individuals — alleging they made more than $4.1 million by cyber stealing financial information from the agency’s database.

Phishing Defense for SMBs: Cofense Launches MSSP Partner Program

Phishing defense firm Cofense adds a managed security services provider (MSSP) program to address cyberattacks against small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

U.S. Government Shutdown Imperils the Nation’s Cybersecurity Defenses

As the U.S. federal government shutdown stretches on, the risk hackers could hit critical infrastructure facilities continues to rise.

Salient Wins $40 Million FBI Cybersecurity Services Contract

Salient CRGT earns $40.1 million cybersecurity contract with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Iranian Hackers Implicated in Global DNS Highjacking Campaign

Iranian hackers may be behind a surge of domain name system (DNS) hijacks that targeted government, telecommunications & internet infrastructure domains, FireEye reports.

Cyber Insurance Provider CFC Unveils Business Interruption Coverage

Cyber insurance company CFC now offers coverage to protect organizations against cryptojacking & interruptions triggered by cyberattacks & IT system failures.

Identity Theft Rules: FTC Seeks Public Comments

The Federal Trade Commission seeks public comment on whether any amendments should be made to the FTC’s Identity Theft Red Flags Rule.

NSA Shadow Brokers Data Leak: Prime Suspect Named

The alleged case against Harold Martin, an ex-National Security Agency (NSA) third-party contractor long suspected as a central figure in the Shadow Brokers’ 2016 heist and online fire sale of the agency’s top secret hacking tools.