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Cybersecurity Markets

MSSP Alert’s coverage of cybersecurity news and events across regions (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific) and target markets (small, SMB, midmarket, enterprise).

18 U.S. States Most Vulnerable to Election Day Hacks, New Congressional Report Says

Eighteen U.S. states lack sufficient cybersecurity safeguards to protect their election voting infrastructure from hackers, a new Congressional report says.

Vermont Enacts Nation’s First Data Broker Legislation

Recently, Vermont enacted legislation (H.764) that regulates data brokers who buy and sell personal information. Vermont is the first state in the nation to enact this type of legislation.

Oregon Amends Data Breach Notification Law

Oregon’s amended data breach notification law has new requirements, prohibits fees for security freezes and adds a specific notification timing requirement, Hunton Andrews Kurth explains.

Avensus Acquires AuditConnect Amid Managed Security Services Push

Avensus, a Dutch cloud and managed security services provider (MSSP), acquires AuditConnect, a Netherlands-based specialist in privacy and security and IT auditing.

Trustwave Says Security Breach Lawsuit Is Without Merit

Trustwave says a lawsuit against the MSSP involving a Heartland Payment Systems data breach in 2008 is without merit. The case is a timely reminder for all MSPs to closely monitor their customer contract stipulations.

Australian Web Services Firm Cyanweb Breached

Cyberterrorists attack Cyanweb Solutions, an Australian digital marketing & web services provider, & infiltrate the company’s server & destroy its data.

MSP Claranet Acquires Penetration Testing Firm NotSoSecure

UK-based managed service provider (MSP) Claranet acquires NotSoSecure & plans to add ethical hacking training & penetration testing services to its portfolio.

Another New York DFS Cybersecurity Deadline Looms

The New York DFS data security regulation for financial services firms has a September 2018 deadline for audit trails, application security, data retention limitations, access monitoring, and encryption of non-pubic information.

Report: Industrial Control Systems Poorly Protected in Critical Infrastructure Industries

Industrial control systems (ICS) used to administer equipment in manufacturing, energy, transportation and other critical industries often lack sufficient perimeter protection against hackers, a new study found.

Cyber Risk Report: 65% of Small Firms Fail to Respond to Cyberattacks

Small businesses often fail to prepare for cyberattacks & act after cyber incidents, a survey conducted by international specialist insurer Hiscox shows.