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Cybersecurity Markets

MSSP Alert’s coverage of cybersecurity news and events across regions (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific) and target marketsĀ (small, SMB, midmarket, enterprise).

Municipalities Remain Ripe Targets for Cyber Attacks: Research

Cities and towns remain enticing target for malware and cyberattacks, a KnowBe4 paper titled “The Economic Impact of Cyber Attacks on Municipalities” explains.

U.S. Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy and Initiatives: Director Needed?

Will the United States gain a director to lead the country’s cybersecurity initiatives? A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation with that goal in mind.

US Secret Service: Hackers Increasingly Target MSPs

Cybercriminals are attacking managed service providers & using MSP solutions to target POS systems & launch ransomware, the U.S. Secret Service reports.

Proposed Legislation Would Ban Use of Biometric Technology by Federal Law Enforcement

Biometric technology, including facial recognition tools, would be banned from federal law enforcement use if pending U.S. legislation becomes law.

Australia’s Airlock Digital Adds $1.3M; Eyes MSP, MSSP Partnerships

Australian application whitelisting software provider Airlock Digital adds $1.3 million in funding; seeks to engage MSP & MSSP cybersecurity partners.

FBI Records 20K COVID-19-related Cyber Threats in 2020

Roughly 20,000 coronavirus (COVID-19)-related cybersecurity threats have been reported to the FBI as of early June 2020. Here are the associated cybersecurity risks.

LinkedIn Spear Phishing Attacks Target European Aerospace, Military Companies

European Aerospace & military companies are the prime targets of hackers using Microsoft-owned social media platform LinkedIn, ESET research says.

CIA Data Breach: How Hacker Tools Were Stolen

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) built cyber weapons but failed to fortify its own cybersecurity defenses. The result: Secret hacking tools got stolen.

New Cybersecurity Bills to Fortify Nation’s Defenses Proposed in Senate

The Continuity of Economy Act of 2020 & the National Guard Cyber Interoperability Act of 2020 have important cybersecurity components.

Hacker Targeted U.S. Utilities in Two Mirrored Phishing Campaigns

A remote access trojan (RAT), called FlowCloud, targeted utilities for five months beginning in 2019, Proofpoint research asserts.