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Cybersecurity Markets

MSSP Alert’s coverage of cybersecurity news and events across regions (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific) and target markets (small, SMB, midmarket, enterprise).

Equifax Flunked Index Provider’s Cybersecurity Test A Year Ago

A financial index provider foretold Equifax’s data breach more than a year ago, saying the rating agency “is vulnerable to data theft & security breaches.”

Email Privacy on Trial: SCOTUS to Resolve Microsoft/DoJ Standoff

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will resolve a years-long dispute between Microsoft & the Justice Department involving email data on overseas servers.

Nine23 Adds Mi3 Machine Learning to Mobile Managed Security Portfolio

Managed security services provider (MSSP) Nine23 integrates the cloud-based Mi3 Security RECON Platform into its mobile management & security portfolio.

DHS Email Mandate: DMARC Authentication Required for Federal Agencies

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) instructs federal agencies to deploy DMARC protocol for all email and websites using the .gov suffix.

Cybersecurity Workforce Development: 5 Takeaways From a NIST Workshop

A NIST workshop on Cybersecurity Workforce Development reveals these five trends. In response, here’s how the ISACA will enable cyber solutions.

Trustwave: Hybrid Attacks Used to Steal Money from Post-Soviet Banks

Criminals use hybrid attacks that blend cyber & physical activities to steal money primarily from post-Soviet banks, Chicago-based MSSP Trustwave says.

Kaspersky Lab Still On the Hot Seat: What About NSA Hacking Tools?

Kaspersky Lab maintains innocence as controversy swirls. Amid NSA hack, Israel spies tip off U.S. counterparts about alleged Kaspersky-Russia connection.

Amid Layoffs, BAE Systems Sharpens Managed Cybersecurity Focus

BAE Systems, the defense contractor and Top 100 MSSP for 2017, is cutting nearly 2,000 jobs while sharpening its focus on managed cybersecurity services.

More Russia: Tensions Mount Over Another NSA Cybersecurity Breach

Did Russia hack the NSA (National Security Agency) & White House Chief of Staff John Kelly — and was Kaspersky Lab’s software partly involved?

Justice Department Accuses Google of “Alarming” Tactics in Fight over SCA Search Warrant

The dispute between the U.S. government & Google concerning the company’s refusal to hand over customer data stored on foreign servers takes an odd twist.