Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Market News: 1 March 2023

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Each business day, MSSP Alert delivers this quick lineup of news, analysis and chatter from across the managed security services provider ecosystem.

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A. Today’s MSSP Cybersecurity Market News

  1. Raffael Marty, executive vice president and general manager of cybersecurity management at ConnectWise, has joined Ballistic Ventures as a go-to-market expert on the venture capital firm’s team of cybersecurity advisors. Before ConnectWise, Marty served as head of research and intelligence at Forcepoint. He ran security analytics and oversaw the big data strategy at Sophos. He was  founder of analytics companies PixlCloud and Loggly. He also held key roles at IBM Research, ArcSight and Splunk.
  2. SlashNext announced a Generative HumanAI Solution to identify emerging security threats and predict future threats. The company reports that threat researchers have warned that generative AI bots such as ChatGPT are already being used maliciously to automate thousands of uniquely tailored phishing messages increasing the success rate for threat actors.
  3. IT distributor and solutions aggregator, TD SYNNEX, has added Xcitium’s ZeroDwell Containments platform to its integrated enterprise cybersecurity solutions. ZeroDwell Containment made its debut just last week.
  4. Cybersecurity behavior change software company Hoxhunt, has announced the availability of its Human Risk Management Platform as well as three new products that work with it. The Comply product enables security awareness programs to be delivered automatically. The Change product leverages AI and machine learning to deliver adaptive training experiences to employees. The Respond product helps make sense of the threat feed to the SOC and automatically pinpoints incidents that need attention.
  5. Sevco Security  has launched Sevco 5-Star Partner Program, a self-service program for MSPs and MSSPs to achieve and maintain accurate, real-time IT asset inventories for customers to enable the deployment of appropriate security controls. Sevco said the platform integrates seamlessly with existing security stacks at scale. Inaugural partners include Solutions IISolis and RFA.

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