Russia-Ukraine War: Cyberattack and Kinetic Warfare Timeline

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Amid Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine, multiple cyberattacks have allegedly surfaced, and various cybersecurity warnings continue to emerge. The situation crystallizes how kinetic warfare (bombs, guns, bullets, etc.) is now fully intertwined with cyber warfare.

Lump kinetic war and cyber war together, and you get the new reality of hybrid war, Microsoft asserts.

Advice for MSSPs and MSPs:

  1. Closely track CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) alerts and updates, especially as they pertain to infrastructure security worldwide.
  2. Check the Russia-Ukraine conflict timeline below, which is updated regularly with cyberattack and cyber defense information tied to the conflict.

Russia Invades Ukraine: Kinetic Warfare and Cyberattack Timeline

Here’s the latest…

December 13, 2022: The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security within the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine struck an agreement with, a predictive artificial intelligence (AI) platform, and OODA, a technology and security consultant, for greater cyberwar defense against Russian attacks.

December 6, 2022: Russia’s No. 2 bank VTB was hit by the largest cyberattack in its history, warning of temporary difficulties in accessing its mobile app and website, but assuring customers that their data remained safe. The attack may involve pro-Ukraine cyber forces targeting Russia’s financial system. Source: Reuters.

September 7, 2022: Google is tracking threat actors targeting Ukraine whose activities seem closely aligned with Russian government-backed attackers. Source: Google Threat Analysis Group.

August 29, 2022:

  • Ericsson, Nokia, Logitech Exiting Russia: Ericsson said it will gradually wind down business activities in Russia over the coming months as the Swedish telecoms equipment maker completes its obligations to customers. Nokia and Logitech made similar statements. Source: Reuters, August 29, 2022.

August 27, 2022:

  • Dell Exits Russia: Dell Technologies said it had ceased all Russian operations after closing its offices in mid-August, the latest in a growing list of Western firms to exit Russia. Source: Reuters, August 27, 2022.

July 22, 2022:

  • Google Search Blocked: Russian-backed separatists in a breakaway region of eastern Ukraine have blocked access to Google’s search engine, citing alleged disinformation. Source: Reuters.

July 12, 2022:

  • Cyberattacks vs. Ukraine State Systems: Five months after Russia’s invasion, Ukraine continues to see significant increases in cyberattacks targeting state systems and infrastructure as a result of the war, according to the country’s top cyber defense agency. Source: SC Media.

July 6, 2022:

  • Breakup: Russian cybersecurity outfit Group-IB will split its domestic and international business into two separate companies in a bid to maintain a presence in both the Russian and overseas markets. Source: Reuters.

June 30, 2022:

  • Norway, Nato Members Targeted: Russian hacker group Killnet targeted a string of Norwegian public service websites in the latest digital salvo against NATO member countries. Source: Bloomberg.

June 23, 2022:

  • Cisco Systems Exiting Russia: Cisco plans to wind down its business in Russia and Belarus. Source: Reuters, June 23, 2022.

June 9, 2022: 

  • Russia Issues Warning: Russia warned the West that cyberattacks against its infrastructure risked leading to direct military confrontation, and that attempts to challenge Moscow in the cyber sphere would be met with targeted countermeasures. Source: Reuters, June 9, 2022.

June 8, 2022: Multiple updates…

  • Ukraine Internet Access: In areas of Ukraine under Russian occupation, Internet access has often been shut down or disrupted, leaving the local population isolated from the rest of the world. Now, a new trend is emerging: The internet is coming back online, but the traffic is no longer managed by Ukraine. It’s been re-routed to networks owned by the Russian government. Source: Bloomberg, June 8, 2022.
  • Banning Russia Cloud Services?: The European Union is working on a possible ban on the provision of cloud services to Russia as part of new sanctions against the Kremlin for the invasion of Ukraine. Source: Reuters, June 8, 2022.

June 6, 2022…

  • Ukraine Phones Allegedly Targeted: The phones of Ukrainian officials have been targeted by hackers as Russia pursues its invasion of Ukraine, Reuters reported. Victor Zhora, the deputy head of Ukraine’s State Special Communications Service, said that phones being used by the country’s public servants had come under sustained targeting, the report indicated. Source: Reuters.

May 31, 2022…

  • DDoS Attacks Against German Banks?: The German financial regulator BaFin issued a fresh cyber security warning to the nation’s financial sector due to the war in Ukraine following a recent increase in cyber attacks. BaFin has repeatedly warned about cyber attacks but this security notice marks an escalation of its concerns. “In recent days there have been repeated attacks on IT infrastructure,” BaFin said — many of which involved DDoS attacks, the organization said. Source: Reuters.

May 19, 2022…

  • Russia Disinformation Campaign: Mandiant research has detailed several Russian-aligned disinformation and propaganda campaigns, including bogus online claims that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy had committed suicide or fled Ukraine. Source: Associated Press.

May 10, 2022…

  • More Kaspersky Concerns?: The National Security Agency is investigating the extent that software made by the Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky is embedded in U.S. businesses and organizations amid rising security concerns arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Source: Bloomberg.

May 3, 2022…

  • Germany Warning: Germany’s financial regulator BaFin warned of a “very big and very present” risk of cyberattacks in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Source: Reuters, May 3, 2022.

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    Ed Mahoney:

    I call the combination of cyberwar and kinetic war “Full Spectrum Cyberwar”. I follow these activities out of personal and professional interests. I feel like all prior cyberattacks by Russia are just that, cyberattacks rather than cyberwar, because they have been largely asynchronous. Russia attacks but Latvia or Georgia or whomever never counterattacks. In my estimation, this is Cyber War I.

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