Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services 2018: Analysis

Gartner Magic Quadrant Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs): 2018 Visionaries

There are no companies in the Visionaries quadrant.


Gartner Magic Quadrant Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs): Niche Players

Companies sorted alphabetically in the niche quadrant include…


  • Gartner Says: Atos is a global IT, digital service and software company with headquarters near Paris and regional offices in the U.S. (Purchase, New York) and Singapore. In addition to the vendor’s MSSs under the Cyber Security Services business, Atos provides a wide range of consulting, system integration, managed IT services and other offerings. Atos’ MSSs are delivered through a network of 14 24/7 SOCs (three in the U.K., six in continental Europe, two in the U.S., two in India and one in Malaysia). Atos recently acquired Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, providing capabilities in the Internet of Things (IoT)/OT space for managing privacy and compliance risks in the North American market. Atos provides threat intelligence and vulnerability notifications to customers using tools and services from partners like McAfee and Tripwire. Atos offers incident response and remediation activities as part of its core services in the form of forensic analysis and custom malware analysis, as well as offering optional threat hunting services and EDR leveraging CrowdStrike, for example. Advanced threat detection and monitoring services are available as part of Atos’ Prescriptive Security SOC offering, which leverages Atos’ proprietary big data analytics solution (Atos Codex) as well as technologies like user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). In addition, IT/OT/IoT SOC services are developed and delivered together with Siemens. Atos’ existing IT services customers and European-headquartered organizations with global coverage requirements that want a provider that can deliver end-to-end security management and monitoring services should consider the vendor for MSSs.
  • MSSP Alert Says: ATOS is widely respected, but the company’s IT services business took some security heat during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. The breach, which took place months before, has since led to a number of technical failures at the games in PyeongChang, Consultancy.UK reports.
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: 14

BAE Systems

  • Gartner Says: BAE Systems, headquartered in Farnborough, U.K., offers a range of products and services in areas such as national defense, financial services and cybersecurity to industry and governments. The MSS group is headquartered in Guildford, U.K., with key offices in New York City, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. Its offerings include Security Event Monitoring (SEM), Complete Security Monitoring (CSM), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), and Security Device Management (SDM). Services are delivered using five 24/7 SOCs — one in the U.K., three in the U.S. and one in the Philippines. Data residency requirements are typically met by retaining data locally and in geospecific cloud infrastructure. In the Asia/Pacific region, a local partner delivers services and cloud storage is not yet available. The BAE analytics platform uses a combination of commercial SIEM technologies and a big data and analytics, Hadoop-based platform. BAE supports common IaaS and security-as-a- service vendors such as Amazon CloudFront, AWS CloudTrail,, Cisco ScanSafe and Proofpoint. On-site and remote incident and breach response services are available via retainer. BAE Systems has a customer base in EMEA of large enterprise businesses, primarily leveraging its CSM and MDR services, and a large small or midsize business (SMB) customer base in North America, primarily leveraging its NSM and SDM services. The vendor delivers its MSS offering using a combination of proprietary and commercial solutions, depending on the customer’s region and based on data privacy or residency requirements. Companies in the financial services, legal, healthcare, media, critical infrastructure and defense markets that need a range of security monitoring, device management and advanced threat defense solutions should consider BAE Systems.
  • MSSP Alert Says: BAE Systems in fall 2017 confirmed plans to cut 1,915 jobs — but also confirmed plans to sharpen its focus on cybersecurity services. The company’s Applied Intelligence cybersecurity restructuring “will drive continued growth from a more targeted portfolio of products and services focussed on providing leading cybersecurity, intelligence and financial crime prevention capabilities to government and commercial customers in priority geographic markets,” the company asserted a the time.
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: 13


Capgemini Managed Security Services

  • Gartner Says: Capgemini, with headquarters in Paris and regional offices located in North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region, provides MSS as part of its Cybersecurity Services business. Capgemini delivers services from seven 24/7 SOCs located in India (Mumbai and Bangalore), and regional SOCs in Luxembourg; Toulouse, France; Madrid; and Inverness, Scotland, for customers with data residency and sovereignty requirements. There is one non-24/7 SOC in India. Capgemini provides a variety of MSSs. Log management and security event monitoring are supported via its shared QRadar SIEM solution, with flexible options for dedicated QRadar instances. Support for five SIEM solutions (Huntsman Enterprise SIEM, Micro Focus ArcSight, McAfee ESM, RSA NetWitness and Splunk) based on customer preference or for customers wanting management of their existing SIEM tool. Customer access to services is via the MSS Portal, which provides a basic dashboard, case management and reporting-oriented interface to the services provided to customers. Capgemini provides a tiered service approach (Bronze, Silver and Gold) to MSS buyers based on level of services and support required. Additional services include management and monitoring for vulnerability scanners, firewalls, endpoint protection, NIDS/NIPS, web application firewalls (WAFs), CASB, and data loss prevention. Additional services are available that cover consulting and advisory, identity and access management, and DDoS, among others. MSS buyers looking for flexible options for SIEM tools and a wide portfolio of device management and security monitoring services, as well as existing Capgemini customers, should consider Capgemini for MSS.
  • MSSP Alert Says: Capgemini certainly is a thought leader in the MSSP market, and company executives have contributed to MSSP Alert.
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: 30


  • Gartner Says: CenturyLink is based in Monroe, Louisiana, and has regional offices in Singapore and London. On 1 November 2017, CenturyLink completed the acquisition of Level 3 Communications, expanding its global presence and security service portfolio. CenturyLink provides telecommunications and public and private cloud services, in addition to MSSs. MSS can be acquired as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to other CenturyLink services. With the acquisition of Level 3, CenturyLink now has more than five 24/7 SOCs operating on four continents, including North America, Europe (London), Asia/Pacific (Singapore) and Latin America (Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Sao Paulo, Brazil). There are dedicated North American and U.K. SOCs to support national government contracts. CenturyLink provides a full scope of monitoring and management activities across a broad spectrum of security platforms, including next-gen firewalls, UTM systems, network and host IPS, WAF, VPN, EPP, email and web security, vulnerability scanning, threat intelligence services (from both legacy CenturyLink and Level 3), and advanced threat-oriented capabilities (e.g., network customer traffic analyzed against threat intelligence and advanced analytics for behavioral anomalies). CenturyLink uses a combination of proprietary implementations of big data platforms and other tools (such as from its previous acquisition of Cognilytics) and commercial products to collect, store and analyze customer log data and manage workflow. There are several service tiers available, from basic endpoint security management to advanced threat-oriented capabilities. Incident response, including on-site breach response services, is available with a retainer fee. Some data residency and staff citizenship requirements can be met with in-region SOCs and data storage. The pricing model for MSS depends on the services taken and includes set monthly recurring or usage-based fees; for example, threat monitoring is based on GB-per-day data. Existing network services, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and cloud service customers, as well as organizations with global service requirements, should consider CenturyLink for MSSs.
  • MSSP Alert Says: CenturyLink extended its Managed Security Services 2.0 suite to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in mid-2017. The company also embraced ThreatConnect for threat intelligence-based security. Moreover, CenturyLink has made progress on its overall partner program in the past year.
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: 7


  • Gartner Says: Fujitsu is headquartered in Tokyo, with key offices in London; Munich; Lisbon; Richardson, Texas; and Sunnyvale, California. Fujitsu has a large operational presence in Europe and Japan, with 24/7 SOCs in Japan (nine total), Australia, Singapore, India, Germany, the U.K., Finland and the U.S. Fujitsu’s security portal is primarily based on its underlying delivery platform based on LogRhythm’s SIEM solution. Fujitsu has an in-house Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) capability, which leverages a range of commercial and open-source feeds and partnerships with third parties, that underpins the threat analytics and detection capabilities within its MSSs. The CTI capability is also delivered as a stand- alone offering. Incident response support and consultancy is available as a retainer. Advanced threat detection capabilities for endpoint and networks, as well as sandboxing, leverage technology from partners such as FireEye, Check Point Software Technologies, McAfee, Symantec and others. Malware analysis is available on a range of commercial and open-source toolsets, and forensic analysis is delivered via Fujitsu consulting and partners as needed. Buyers, including existing Fujitsu IT services customers, should consider Fujitsu for MSSs if they are looking for a provider that offers flexibility for service delivery, or if they already have IT services that can be easily integrated and would benefit from security enhancements.
  • MSSP Alert Says: Fujitsu‘s global managed security service in 2017 gained forensic technology designed to help organizations identify cyberattack damage faster than ever before.  Typical forensics require weeks but the Fujitsu technology delivers results within minutes, the company claims.
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: Not Ranked

HCL Technologies

  • Gartner Says: HCL Technologies is a global IT services provider that offers a range of IT and security services aimed at buyers, primarily through broad-scope IT outsourcing engagements. HCL is headquartered in Noida, India (with regional headquarters in London and Sunnyvale, California). MSS is a part of HCL’s Cybersecurity and GRC services provided via six 24/7 MSS SOCs worldwide (four in India, and one each in Europe and the U.S.). MSS is delivered using commercially available SIEM technologies (IBM QRadar, Micro Focus ArcSight, RSA NetWitness and Splunk), chosen in consultation with the customer. SIEM solutions are leveraged for log collection and management, and real-time security event monitoring and analysis. HCL also offers dedicated managed SIEM options. The vendor provides managed EDR, with multiple technology options available to customers, in addition to threat hunting services. SecIntAl is HCL’s branding for its big-data-based security analytics and threat intelligence capability that underpins the analytics for its threat monitoring services. HCL’s portal provides a single dashboard-oriented interface across all supported SIEM tools, vulnerability management, endpoint management and CMDB services. Dedicated views in the portal support both analysts and leader personas. HCL supports a variety of third-party security technologies. In addition to firewalls, IDPSs and secure web gateways (SWGs), it also supports a variety of solutions like EDR, CASB, network traffic analysis (NTA) and vulnerability management. Related services, like incident and breach response, are provided by select partners. Organizations engaged in IT outsourcing and technology transformation projects, buyers looking for providers to use their preferred SIEM tool and broad-based support for security technologies, and existing HCL Technologies customers should consider HCL for MSSs.
  • MSSP Alert Says: As of 2017 HCL had been buying up channel partners, particularly in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM sector. That’s not related to MSSPs, admittedly. But the buyout strategy means HCL is more of a competitor than partner to peer MSPs…
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: 15

Orange Business Services

  • Gartner Says: Orange Business Services (Orange), headquartered in Paris and with regional offices in a wide variety of locations across the Asia/Pacific region, North America and Europe, offers a broad range of telecommunications and cloud-based IT infrastructure services, security consulting services, and MSSs. Orange’s MSSs are delivered using commercial and proprietary technologies for log management, event correlation and advanced threat detection, as well as some wider integrations with open-source big data technologies. Security Event Intelligence is the service offering for 24/7 threat detection and response. Threat intelligence is centered around malicious IP/URL/domain names curated by Orange collected from a large number of public and private feeds and sources, discoveries made on the Orange Internet backbone, and intelligence from Orange’s in-house CERT team. Services are delivered from seven SOCs (three located in Europe, one in India, one in Malaysia, and one each in Mauritius and Egypt). All SOCs are 24/7 except for the European and Malaysia SOCs, which use a “follow the sun” model. Data residency requirements are addressed on a case-by- case basis, with a majority of non-European clients being serviced from the India and Egypt SOCs. Orange’s network and infrastructure service customers and multinational organizations, especially those with a European and Asia/Pacific business focus, seeking network-security-focused MSSs should consider Orange Business Services.
  • MSSP Alert Says: Here again, Orange could be a key partner for MSPs seeking to move into the European market without needing to master Brexit- and GDPR-related issues on their own. Also of note: Check Point Software Technologies and Orange Cyberdefense unveiled a joint mobile managed security service. The new service, Orange Mobile Threat Protection, enables enterprises to safeguard their mobile devices against current and emerging cyber threats, according to a prepared statement.
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: 12


  • Gartner Says: Wipro provides a variety of MSSs, including security threat monitoring, infrastructure security operations and technology management, vulnerability management, incident response, identity and access management, and security consulting services. Wipro is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in London, New York, New Jersey and elsewhere around the globe. MSSs are delivered from 14 24/7 SOCs, with eight in India (Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mysore, Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Noida and Gurgaon), two in Europe (Amsterdam and Meerbush, Germany), and four in North America (Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and Edmonton, Canada). Wipro offers security event monitoring via its multitenant ServiceNXT platform, or Wipro can support customers that bring their own SIEM solution or require a specific, dedicated SIEM tool. Wipro currently supports six SIEM platforms. Customers access the Wipro MSSs through the Cyber Defense Center (CDC) portal, which provides a single landing page for accessing services used by customers. Wipro has a broad portfolio of technology partnerships available to buyers. Flexible options are also available to meet local or regional data residency requirements and regulations. Buyers across Europe, the Americas and the Asia/Pacific region considering MSS as part of broader IT outsourcing activities, and enterprises seeking flexible options for managing a range of security controls, including SIEM tools, across a variety of IT environments, should consider Wipro.
  • MSSP Alert Says: Wipro invested in Denim Group, an application security services provider, the day we wrote this article. And earlier this year, WiPro and ThreatModeler announced a partnership to deliver enterprise threat modeling capabilities to MSSPs and other organizations. Another key relationship has WiPro security orchestration software provider Demisto delivering integrated and automated incident response as a managed security service.
  • Top 100 MSSP Alert Ranking for 2017: 8

Gartner Magic Quadrant Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs): Company Chart

Here’s a look at how Gartner plots the 17 MSSPs across the four quadrants for 2018.





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