New Study Finds Videos and Podcasts Rank as Most Popular Education Tools Among MSPs

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More than half of some 600 managed service providers (MSPs) in a new study rely on YouTube videos, podcasts and news reports each as their primary sources for information on cybersecurity, how-to’s and other educational materials to fuel their business strategy.

57% of MSPs Rely on YouTube

According to a study by Syncro, a professional services automation and remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for managed service providers (MSPs), the findings are as follows:

  • 57% of MSPs rely on YouTube videos while 54% rely on podcasts. MSPs tune into video/audio formats on a daily or weekly basis as their primary source of information, with the most popular topics including cybersecurity, general tech, business, and how-to content. News sites followed closely behind podcasts with 53% of MSPs relying on traditional media.
  • One third of MSPs said it mattered if the resource was industry-specific. Resources don’t need to be MSP-specific for MSPs to rely on them. From media outlets to podcasts to blogs, and more. General business or technology content ranked higher than industry-specific resources.
  • Almost half of MSPs avoid live, in-person events. Are trade shows, panel sessions, and expos dead? Nearly half of MSPs think so, with 47% of the MSPs surveyed skipping or rarely attending live events.
  • Facebook ranks as #1 social platform among MSPs (60%), followed by LinkedIn (57%) and Reddit (51%). MSPs are polarized when it comes to emerging platforms like TikTok with almost half (41%) using it daily or weekly and the other half (46%) using it rarely or never.

About Syncro

Syncro was formed in 2017 by a merger of RepairShopr and RepairTech. The company has a fully remote workforce of some 100 people in seven countries and is backed by Mainsail Partners equity investors. Syncro serves roughly 4,000 MSP partners.

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