Augmentt Delivers Microsoft 365 MFA Alerting, Remediation Solution for MSPs

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Augmentt, which provides a SaaS security and management platform for MSPs, has unveiled the Augmentt Secure solution with managed multi-factor authentication (MFA) alerting and remediation capabilities for Microsoft 365 environments.

MSPs can use Secure to audit Microsoft 365 environments and guard against data breaches, the company stated. In addition, they can monitor MFA policies and generate tickets and alerts for compliance violations across these environments.

What Does Augmentt Secure Offer?

Secure lets MSPs run free security threat reports for customers and prospects and provide them with insights into their security posture, the company stated. From here, MSPs can offer security services to customers and prospects and help them mitigate threats.

Also, Secure enables MSPs to audit customers’ security configurations and find vulnerabilities, the company noted. This ensures MSPs can enforce and monitor MFA and other customers’ security policies and protect their Microsoft 365 environments against cyberattacks.

Secure with MFA configuration capabilities is now available through June 30, 2022. Furthermore, Augmentt is offering 100 free seats of Secure.

A Closer Look at Augmentt Secure

Secure is a cloud app security platform for MSPs. It helps MSPs integrate security services into their portfolios.

Key features of Secure include:

  • Multi-tenant MFA configuration and alerting that MSPs can use to secure and monitor end-user access across customers’ Microsoft 365 environments
  • Threat reports to help MSPs sell security services
  • Audits that allow MSPs to analyze and improve customers’ Microsoft 365 security policy configurations and posture

Along with Secure, Augmentt offers products and solutions to help MSPs discover, manage and secure their customers’ SaaS applications. It also offers a partner program that lets MSPs use Augmentt’s SaaS security and management platform to deliver managed security services.

Augmentt launched Secure in November 2021. Since that time, demand for application and security tools among MSPs has increased and may continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

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