Constella Intelligence Hunter Assists Threat Investigations

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Digital risk mitigation company Constella Intelligence has released Hunter, a platform for investigating threat actors and unmasking attackers.

Hunter, based on the product formerly known as IDHunt Core, now allows users to:

  • Visualize collected data in a dedicated, controlled workspace to easily identify links and conduct network analysis for a complete investigative picture—incorporating multiple sources and manual entries, downloading, saving and uploading, as needed.
  • Data collected from Constella’s proprietary breach data lake, Paste bins, Passive DNS, WHOIS domain history, cryptocurrency, social profiles, standard search engines, Dark Web forums and other sources.
  • Create, save and share multiple investigations with colleagues.

Constella was formed in December 2020 when 4iQ and Alto Analytics merged. The resulting company protects more than 25 million users and 100 organizations worldwide, Constella says.

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