Trustifi Debuts Dashboard Customized for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs)

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Trustifi, a software-as-service email encryption security provider, has unwrapped its new MSSP Dashboard, which enables MSSPs to apply, manage and oversee the vendor’s licenses across their clients from a single interface.

The MSSP Dashboard is geared to MSSPs with a large number of accounts, allowing them to administer licenses across their entire client base.

What the MSSP Dashboard Offers

Trustifi’s MSSP Dashboard features include:

  • MSSPs can manage multiple plans with drag and drop configurations from one plan to another.
  • Custom data loss protection and inbound email filter rules among multiple clients.
  • Creation of DLP policies to ensure clients are in compliance with regulatory authorities, even across a multi-tenant environment.
  • MSSPs can keep their end-customers’ cyber security plans consistent, simple, and well organized while maximizing value for those clients.
  • Cut and paste choices and options for Trustifi licenses transfer from one account to the other.
  • MSSPs can duplicate services like encryption or amenities like one-click compliance from one client and apply a similar service plan to other clients.
  • MSSPs can both customize offerings and apply consistent rules from plan-to-plan across various accounts, using the simple drag and drop capability.

Trustifi Chief Lauds Innovation

Commenting on the dashboard’s release, Rom Hendler, Trustifi chief executive and co-founder, said:

“As the market becomes more complex and threats continue to escalate, it gets more and more challenging for MSSPs to manage their customer base and keep those security stacks optimized and organized in a multi-tenant environment. The ability to duplicate services and DLP rules across various clientele is a game-changing management capability. We will continue to innovate with tools like the MSSP Dashboard, increasing our customers’ ability to succeed across an array of end-clients with far greater expediency than ever before.”

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