Endace, Niagra Networks Announce Network Security Integration

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Niagara Networks has joined the Endace Fusion Partner Program, the companies announced. In addition, Endace has integrated its full packet capture technology into Niagara’s network visibility solutions.

Investigating, Resolving Incidents

Network and security operations teams can now use Endace and Niagara’s technologies to investigate and resolve incidents, the companies said. These teams can utilize Niagara’s terminal access point (TAP) and packet broker solutions to consolidate network traffic and provide visibility into networks. At the same time, they can leverage the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform to record weeks or months of network traffic and access granular packet data for deep forensic analysis.

Furthermore, Endace and Niagara give network and security operations teams “the power to eliminate blind spots in any network architecture and accelerate investigation and response to network threats,” said Yigal Amram, Niagara’s VP of global sales and business development.

They also provide these teams with “full network visibility and access to the definitive evidence they need to respond to incidents faster, more accurately and more confidently,” Endace VP of Product Cary Wright said.

Endace, Vectra Partner for Threat Detection and Response

The Endace-Niagara partnership comes after Vectra, a threat detection and response platform provider, became a Fusion partner in August 2022.

Security teams can use Vectra’s platform to analyze and look for threats across their organizations’ network traffic and EndaceProbe to track network threats, the companies said. These teams can identify threats at all attack stages and gather forensic evidence that they can use to speed up incident response and remediation.

MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers can join the Fusion program to integrate Endace’s full packet capture capabilities into their offerings. To date, at least 20 technology companies have joined the Fusion program.

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