CyberArk Unleashes a “New Era” of Secure Web Browsing

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CyberArk has unwrapped a new identity-based browser that enables organizations to better protect against cyberattacks by securing employee and third-party access to company resources.

The Chromium-based browser is part of the CyberArk identity security platform. The browser supports enterprise zero trust initiatives with integrated security, centralized policy management and productivity tools in a familiar environment.

“A New Era of Web Browsing”

The identity security specialist’s thinking behind the browser is that it delivers a robust, layered approach to address credential access, one of the top areas of cybersecurity risk. The browser is designed to eliminate existing security gaps between consumer-focused browsers and SaaS applications, endpoint-based controls and identity providers, CyberArk said.

Gil Rapaport, CyberArk access general manager, described the technology a “new era of web browsing.” He called development of an identity-first, security-first approach to an enterprise browser, based on hybrid work environment trends, a “natural progression for our business.”

What CyberArk’s Browser Delivers

Key features of the CyberArk solution include:

  • Cookies will be stored remotely on CyberArk servers enabling secure and seamless web browsing without saving cookie files on the endpoints, making it difficult for attackers or third parties to steal, forge, alter or manipulate cookies to gain unauthorized access to sensitive resources.
  • Companies can control the browsing experience with fine-grained policies designed to prevent data exfiltration attempts that can compromise corporate data.
  • Instead of showing stored credentials for privileged resources or websites, the browser displays a one-time alphanumeric string. This string works only once, only in CyberArk Secure Browser and only for intended targets.
  • Third-party identity providers and out-of-the-box integrations are supported with the CyberArk Identity Security Platform solutions, including CyberArk Workforce Password Management and CyberArk Secure Web Sessions.
  • Built-in access sidebar enables users to utilize their Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials to securely access frequently used apps, third-party tools and CyberArk privileged access management resources.
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