Xcitium Launches Endpoint Security Solution, Expands Partner Network

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Xcitium (formerly Comodo Security Solutions) has released ZeroDwell Containment, an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution capable of “preventing unknown threats without compromising productivity,” according to the company.

Containing Uknown Threats

ZeroDwell Containment stops unknown threats from damaging an organization’s endpoints at runtime, Xcitium indicated. The solution isolates unknown executables and other files that request runtime privileges. It automatically runs these files in a virtual container that cannot access an organization’s endpoints and host system resources or user data until they have been verified as trustworthy.

In addition, ZeroDwell Containment uses Xcitium’s Verdict Cloud engine to test unknown files and determine if they are malicious, the company noted. If unknown files are dangerous, Xcitium publishes the results globally in real time for all of its customers.

Xcitium Announces Distributor Partnerships

Along with launching ZeroDwell Containment, Xcitium has signed deals with the following value-added distributors (VADs):

  • Westcoast Cloud
  • Syscom emt
  • Distilogix
  • TD Synnex
  • Edge UOL
  • TowersIT
  • AquaOrange
  • Indo Cybersecurity
  • Plexus
  • Microdium Asia

The deals expand Xcitium’s reach in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific and other global regions, the company stated. They also ensure that more global organizations than ever before can access Xcitium’s endpoint security suite.

A Closer Look at Xcitium

Comodo rebranded itself as Xcitium in July 2022. Xcitium now provides an endpoint security suite that encompasses endpoint containment, EDR, managed detection and response (MDR) and eXtended managed detection & response (XDR) technologies. This suite is used by more than 5,000 organizations and partners globally.

Xcitium offers a partner program for MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers. The program lets partners integrate Xcitium’s endpoint security capabilities into their portfolios.

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