HighGround.io Launches Cybersecurity Platform

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HighGround.io has released a security platform that empowers organizations to “measure, manage and communicate on cybersecurity,” according to the company.

Know Your Cyber Risk Profile

Organizations can use HighGround’s platform to analyze their cyber risk profile, meet compliance requirements, build out incident response and other security plans and produce security reports, the company stated.

The platform’s features include:

  • CyberScore and Threat Level Insights. Organizations can access security data to assess their security posture and threat level.
  • Cybersecurity KPIs. An organization can track its security level against KPIs based on industry best practices.
  • Role-based Reports. These reports use role-based profiles to provide an organization’s executives with insights into its risk posture and how much money they can save by blocking cyberattacks.
  • Integrations. An organization can use the platform in conjunction with its existing cybersecurity systems and business processes to generate security alerts and insights.
  • Attack Surface. An organization can access a bird’s eye view of its attack surface.
  • Supply Chain Module. The Supply Chain Manager module lets organizations share their security and compliance practices with partners and allow their partners to do the same.
  • Action Center. This center allows an organization to track, manage and assign security tasks.
  • Compliance Manager. Organizations can access security plans and playbooks and review and store compliance certifications.

HighGround, a Scottish cyber start-up, provides subscription plans for its security platform, including a freemium option. It also offers three integration packs.

Organizations Can Buy Professional and Managed Services from HighGround Partners

Along with its security platform, HighGround offers a marketplace where organizations can buy additional services from its partners, the company stated.

The services include:

  • Security audits
  • Penetration tests
  • Dark web reporting
  • Security consultations

HighGround does not currently offer a formal channel partner program for MSSPs and MSPs. However, HighGround may look to develop and launch a channel partner program in the near future.

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