MSPs and MSSPs Can Manage Client Identify Access Reviews Using New Offering from YouAttest

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YouAttest, a specialist in identity governance and administration (IGA) for streamlined access reviews, is offering new support programs for MSPs and MSSPs. These programs assist clients in conducting the right practices and procedures around identity security and easily create reports required for the various governances, the company said in a prepared statement.

Introducing “YouAttest – the MSP version”

“YouAttest – the MSP version” enables an MSP or MSSP to manage the access reviews for clients. In this way, says YouAttest, the MSP can initiate, overview and create the identity reports needed for the marketplace for compliance guidance, including:

  • Healthcare – HIPAA
  • Retail – PCI-DSS
  • Defense – CMMC
  • Cloud – SOX
  • International – ISO 27001
  • Privacy – CCPA/GDPR

What More for MSPS/MSSPs

MSPs/MSSPs can now use a Central Console to perform the following tasks:

  • Initiate YouAttest POCs
  • Manage YouAttest active accounts
  • Initiate User Access Reviews (UARs)
  • Assign sub-admins
  • Assign reviewers
  • Delegate the reviews
  • Modify the review messages
  • Add/delete reviewers
  • Generate reports
  • View Users, Activity, Reviews, Reports

MSPs/MSSPs steps to take:

  • The MSP signs one contract with YouAttest
  • Conducts review for any customer that needs new access reviews
  • MSPs only pay by usage (per customer, per user, per month)
  • MSPs can take advantage of this pure “pay-as-you-go” model

Benefits to MSP/MSSPs:

  • Increased value to customer
  • An IGA/GRC tool that the MSP can learn in a day
  • Immediate revenue stream
  • Immediate payback

The YouAttest Identity Compliance Solution is easy-to-use, cost effective, and easy-to-deploy, the company said. By using YouAttest, companies can improve both their compliance procedure and their IT Security. YouAttest is a cloud-based IGA product, which is licensed at $2 per user, per month.

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