LogRhythm, Mimecast Combine Threat Management, Email Security Capabilities

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LogRhythm and Mimecast have formed an integration that provides organizations with automated threat management and email security, according to a prepared statement.

Commenting on the integration, LogRhythm Chief Information Security Officer Andrew Hollister said:

“This integration is a game-changer, as it empowers security teams to identify behavioral anomalies [and] internal and external threats and to prioritize their responses based on accurate enterprise security intelligence… With this integration, organizations can gain deeper visibility into their email environment and detect email-based threats more quickly and effectively.”

How the LogRhythm-Mimecast Integration Works

Organizations can use LogRhythm’s SmartResponse security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution to conjunction with Mimecast’s email security capabilities to detect suspicious emails and URLs contained within messages, the companies said. This helps organizations identify the root cause of a cyberattack and respond to malicious emails and attachments faster than ever before.

In addition, the LogRhythm-Mimecast integration provides behavioral analytics and real-time security intelligence, the companies stated. The integration also allows organizations to view end-user, network and endpoint behavior activity throughout the IT environments.

LogRhythm Continues to Explore Partnership Opportunities

The Mimecast integration news comes after LogRhythm announced several partnerships dating back to December 2022, including:

LogRhythm utilizes technology partnerships to provide endpoint monitoring and threat detection, cloud security monitoring and cybercrime and fraud detection solutions. The company has established more than 60 technology partnerships.

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