Netwrix Releases SaaS Auditing Solution for MSPs

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Data protection solutions provider Netwrix has launched the Netwrix 1Secure SaaS auditing solution that “helps MSPs ensure the security and compliance of their clients’ systems and data from a single console,” according to a prepared statement.

What’s the Gain for MSPs?

Netwrix 1Secure provides MSPs with continuous auditing of changes across Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Azure AD and Windows Server environments, the company said. It gives MSPs access to a dashboard that delivers a bird’s-eye view of the state of their clients’ IT environments. In doing so, Netwrix 1Secure helps MSPs quickly identify and address security issues.

In addition, Netwrix 1Secure offers predefined reports that can be branded with the name and logo of the MSP, the company indicated. It also uses a pricing model in which MSPs pay per managed AD user and can be used in conjunction with tools from ConnectWise and ServiceNow.

Netwrix Adds to Its Cybersecurity Portfolio

The Netwrix1 Secure launch comes after Netwrix in December 2022 purchased Remediant, a privileged access management (PAM) solutions provider, for an undisclosed sum. Netwrix has integrated Remediant’s SecureONE PAM solution into its offerings, the company stated. As a result, Netwrix customers can use SecureONE to guard against lateral movement and credential theft.

Previously, Netwrix in November 2022 acquired Imanami, which specializes in AD and Azure AD security and management. Imanami expands Netwrix’s ability to help customers protect their IT environments and respond to cyber threats, the businesses stated. It also provides Netwrix customers with access to its GroupID solution, which they can use to automatically remove excessive access to overexposed sensitive data identified by Netwrix products.

Netwrix helps more than 13,000 global organizations identify and protect their data and detect, respond to and recover from cyberattacks. It provides a partner program that allows MSPs to use its products and solutions to become MSSPs, Netwrix indicated.

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