Optiv Launches Privileged Access Management as-a-Service

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Optiv Security, a security solutions integrator and Top 250 MSSP, has announced a Privileged Access Management as-a-Service (PMaaS) solution powered by the CyberArk Privilege Cloud identity security platform.

The PMaaS solution provides planning, implementation and ongoing management to help end-users protect their privileged accounts against cyberattacks, according to Optiv. The solution’s features include:

  • Architecture and Design: Enables a user to work with Optiv’s PAM experts to develop a PAM program.
  • Software Implementation: Ensures a user can configure and test Optiv’s PMaaS and adopt privileged access management practices across its operations.
  • Strategy and Assessment: Allows a user to work with Optiv’s PAM experts to understand and evaluate its organization’s current privileged access security policies and tools and provide a privileged access roadmap.

Optiv also provides managed services to support its PMaaS. These services allow an organization to leverage Optiv’s security and operations (SecOps) team to maintain, optimize and operate its PAM deployment, the company said.

Is Optiv for Sale?

The PMaaS announcement comes after a report surfaced in February 2021 that indicated Optiv could be up for sale or may pursue an IPO (initial public offering). The report suggested Optiv’s valuation was more than $3 billion (including debt), and its annual revenue was roughly $650 million with cash flow of about $150 million.

Previously, Optiv in October 2021 rebranded itself as the “the cyber advisory and solutions leader.”

Optiv is owned by investment company KKR and provides monitoring, MXDR and other managed security services to global organizations. It also works with more than 400 security technology partners.

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