Protiviti Launches Microsoft 365, Azure Security Services

Global consulting firm Protiviti has announced Microsoft 365 and Azure security solutions to help organizations manage cyber risk and comply with data protection requirements, according to a prepared statement.

Protiviti’s Microsoft security offerings include:

  • Microsoft Security Workshop: Provides visibility into cyber threats across an organization’s emails, data and identities and offers personalized security recommendations.
  • Microsoft Azure Security Management: Offers managed vulnerability assessment services to help organizations identify, evaluate and manage business and security risks.
  • Microsoft Azure Sentinel Implementation Services: Enable organizations to use the Azure Sentinel security information and event management (SIEM) solution to evaluate their information security and privacy risks and determine the best ways to address these issues.

Furthermore, Protiviti delivers real-time security monitoring and alerting, the company said. Protiviti also offers a Microsoft security team that provides cloud management, threat detection and security monitoring services.

Cybersecurity Companies Introduce Microsoft 365, Azure Security Offerings

Along with Protiviti, several cybersecurity companies recently have launched Microsoft 365 and Azure security offerings, including:

  • Blackpoint CyberReleased a managed detection and response (MDR) add-on that provides organizations with threat monitoring and detection and security policy enforcement for Microsoft 365 environments.
  • Open Systems: Announced an MDR service that allows organizations to use Azure Sentinel to continuously monitor and detect cyber threats.
  • TrustwaveIntroduced Azure Threat Detection and Response services to help organizations secure their cloud environments.

Organizations are increasingly using Microsoft 365 and Azure, due in part to the rise in remote workers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As such, the demand for Microsoft 365 and Azure security solutions may increase in the foreseeable future.


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