SecurityScorecard Unveils Security Ratings Guarantee

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SecurityScorecard has debuted the Score Guarantee services-backed guarantee to help organizations quantify their cyber risks and find ways to avoid security incidents, according to the company.

Score Guarantee links SecurityScorecard’s cybersecurity ratings to an organization’s security efficacy, the company noted. An organization can register for the guarantee free of charge and get its security rating from SecurityScorecard’s ratings platform.

If the organization gets an “A” rating and is involved in a qualifying cyber incident, it will receive 20 hours of SecurityScorecards’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response services for free to remediate the incident.

Who Can Use SecurityScorecard’s Score Guarantee?

Score Guarantee is available to SecurityScorecard customers that:

  • Have an active platform subscription and spend at least $30,000 annually on the company’s online and SaaS products (professional services are excluded)
  • Have an A rating at the time of enrollment into the Score Guarantee and on an ongoing basis through the time the cyber incident occurs
  • Hold an incident response retainer with SecurityScorecard

To date, SecurityScorecard research indicates that organizations that receive an A rating are 7.7 times less likely to suffer a cyber incident than F-rated organizations. Thus, organizations that use Score Guarantee and maintain an A grade can trust that their cyber resilience “will be significantly enhanced,” the company stated.

3GO Security Introduces Cybersecurity Scoring Tool

Along with SecurityScorecard’s Score Guarantee announcement, 3GO Security has unveiled the 3GO Score & Secure tool to help consumers understand and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks. The tool is now available in preview mode.

3GO Score & Secure lets consumers generate a Cyber Score that highlights their cyber resilience, the company said. Based on this score, 3GO also provides each consumer with a personalized action plan to help them raise their score and improve their security posture.

Organizations and consumers can use security ratings to evaluate their security tools and investments. MSSPs and MSPs can utilize security ratings as well. In doing so, they can provide security ratings to help their customers improve their security posture and figure out the best ways to keep pace with cybercriminals.

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