ReasonLabs Delivers Dark Web Security Protection

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ReasonLabs has added a dark web monitoring feature to its RAV Online Security solution — a web extension that provides real-time, 24/7 protection against a range of malicious online activity, the company announced in a prepared statement.

The dark web monitoring feature scans tens of thousands of combination lists, leaked databases and malware data, hidden from the publicly accessible internet, for mentions of users’ personal data, according to ReasonLabs. And it instantly notifies users when breaches occur,

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a part of the internet that can only be accessed via an anonymizing browser and is invisible to search engines. It is frequently used by cybercriminals to engage in illicit online activity. Additionally, malicious actors use the dark web to find, buy and sell user data, including:

  • User names and passwords
  • Financial information, including traditional banking data, cryptocurrency wallets and credit card numbers
  • Personally identifiable information, such as names, phone numbers, emails, social security numbers and locations

Shedding light on dark web attack vectors: ReasonLabs CEO Kobi Kalif said:

“The dark net is a hotbed of cybercrime where cyberattackers regularly find people’s important personal and financial data. It is critical that users be protected at all times, which calls for monitoring the dark web for data breaches and alerting users immediately as and when breaches occur.”

Dark Web Monitoring Delivered

Kalif explained that ReasonLabs’ Online Security tool is integrated with RAV Endpoint Protection, and is now equipped with the dark web monitoring capability. The extension scans both the surface net and dark web around the clock to identify malicious activity impacting ReasonLabs’ customers.

Commenting on the company’s deeper dive into dark web security, Omri Gabai, ReasonLabs’ vice president of Security Products, said:

“As technology progresses, our digital presence becomes increasingly important as we store valuable information and financial assets online. Unfortunately, the risk of exposure also increases, making it crucial to promptly detect any leaks and take appropriate action to prevent negative consequences in the real world. That’s why we’ve made the decision to offer our users a critical tool for monitoring the dark web.”

Get a Free Download RAV Online Security

RAV Online Security protects against threats on the surface net, such as URLs, phishing, harmful extensions, suspicious downloads, intrusive cookies and trackers, unauthorized notifications and pop-ups, ReasonLabs stated. Accordingly, its dark web monitoring capability creates an alert once a new breach occurs.

RAV Online Security has more than five million users worldwide and is available as a free download.

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