Managed Security Services

How MSPs Secure Customers with High Wire Networks’ Overwatch


In this interview, David Wagner, Stellar Cyber's global vice president of Service Providers, and Steven Tallent, High Wire Networks' chief revenue officer of Cybersecurity, discuss the trend of small and mid-sized businesses seeking better security solutions and the growing importance of Master MSPs in the security market.

Tallent explains how High Wire Networks' Overwatch service provides security operations center as a service exclusively sold through MSP partners, and how the demand for better security solutions is increasing among small and mid-sized businesses.

They also discuss the importance of open XDR platforms and the metrics and reporting available to clients.

Here are some highlights:

  • 0:17 Future plans and differentiation strategies of High Wire Networks
  • 0:39 High Wire Networks and Overwatch
  • 0:41 The market trend and the prevalence of Master MSSPs
  • 3:12 Challenges faced by MSPs in operationalizing security technologies