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Mobile Security That Won’t Stretch Your IT Team

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Mobile devices are now an integral part of the way we work, and because of that, mobile security has become a necessity when it comes to protecting an organization’s data. Yet with many IT and security teams already stretched to the limit, the task of incorporating mobile security into their existing operations may seem like an impossible task. 

But it doesn't have to be so hard — Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is anendpoint detection and response (EDR) solution for iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices with a simplified onboarding and maintenance process, making robust mobile security accessible for organizations of all sizes.

In this blog, we delve into our streamlined deployment and management options, showcasing how Lookout not only improves efficiency for IT and security teams but also ensures continuous protection in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Discover how your organization can achieve comprehensive mobile security without unnecessary complexities or an increased strain on your resources. 

‍A Streamlined Deployment Process

While implementing a new security solution may seem daunting, Lookout’s streamlined deployment process is designed to help organizations close the mobile security gap without hassle. By eliminating user friction and integrating with existing security operations, Lookout ensures a smooth transition to enhanced mobile protection. 

Zero-touch deployment

When onboarding Lookout, organizations can expect zero-touch deployment capabilities, allowing for seamless activation. On already-managed devices, individual users won’t need to take any action, making deployment both quick and unobtrusive. 

Seamless integrations

Our plug-and-play integration approach also fits effortlessly into existing IT infrastructures, minimizing complexity and maximizing return on investment. This method allows organizations to bolster their security measures without the need for extensive overhauls or additional resources.

Lookout integrates with mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems, facilitating efficient deployment and reinforcing security across large organizations and managed service providers. Compatibility with security information and event management (SIEM) systems enhances threat detection and response capabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Pre-written policies

Lookout also provides pre-written policy templates that enable organizations to quickly get mobile EDR up and running, reducing setup costs and expediting the deployment process. With these streamlined deployment features, Lookout empowers organizations to strengthen their mobile security posture efficiently and effectively. For example, an organization could use Lookout’s pre-written policies to maintain adherence to security frameworks like NIST and MITRE ATT&CK.

Simple Policy Enforcement and Administration

Maintaining a strong security posture and adhering to compliance mandates can be challenging, but with Lookout, simple policy enforcement ensures you stay on top of both company and industry requirements. The Lookout administrator console centralizes all your security management tasks, making it easier to oversee and refine your security strategies as needed.

Within the administrator console, you have access to a comprehensive set of tools that will enable you to: 

  • See threat detection and insights: Gain real-time visibility into threats and vulnerabilities affecting your mobile endpoints, enabling swift automated response.
  • Control deployment: Manage and control the deployment of security measures across your organization with ease.
  • Define security policies: Establish and enforce security policies that align with your organization’s or customers’ organizational and compliance requirements.
  • Configure integrations: Easily integrate Lookout with existing security tools or managed security services to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

By plugging your existing tools into Lookout, security management becomes simpler and more streamlined, allowing your IT team to focus on higher-priority tasks. Read on to learn more about how Lookout can make your IT operations easier.  

True multi-tenancy and co-management

For large organizations and managed service providers, Lookout offers true multi-tenancy and co-management capabilities. This feature allows for the separate management of different tenants within the same dashboard, providing a clear and organized structure to: 

  • Assign policies from the top down: Create and enforce security policies at the organizational level and ensure they are applied consistently across all tenants.
  • Control what local administrators can change: Define the scope of control for local administrators, allowing them to manage their specific environments while maintaining overall security governance.
  • Provide a disconnect and port mechanism for tenants: Facilitate the separation and migration of tenants as needed, ensuring operational flexibility.

These co-management strategies empower local administrators with the tools and permissions they need to manage their environments effectively while retaining centralized oversight.

Automated remediation and awareness training

Lookout enhances your security operations with automated remediation and user awareness training. These features empower users to resolve issues independently and reduce the burden on your IT team.

The Lookout mobile app enables users to address security issues on their own, achieving an impressive 95% rate of self-remediation. This reduces the number of support tickets your IT team needs to handle.

Lookout provides automated training to educate users about potential threats and best practices. For example, a user would be pinged with a notification when an app on their phone triggers a violation, such as having excessive permissions and data-sharing capabilities. 

Using the most comprehensive mobile dataset in the industry with telemetry from 220 million devices and 325 million apps, Lookout minimizes false positives and provides accurate, real-time threat detection. That expertise is backed by a world-class mobile threat intelligence team that proactively tracks adversarial groups and stays updated on the latest threats, tactics, and procedures, ensuring your organization is always protected against emerging mobile threats.

Comprehensive Mobile Security Made Simple

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security stands out as a top-tier mobile security solution, made even more appealing by its ease of deployment and management. With a seamless deployment process, user-friendly interfaces, and robust integration capabilities, organizations can use Lookout to drive efficiencies for their IT team without having to add additional staff. Because it’s quick to deploy and scale, Lookout ensures that organizations can swiftly respond to security challenges as they arise. 

By prioritizing simplicity without sacrificing effectiveness, Lookout delivers a mobile security solution that meets the highest standards while being remarkably easy to use. 

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