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Appdome Advances Mobile Bot Defense

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Appdome has launched the MOBILEBot Defense, which represents "the first and only solution built from the ground up for mobile bot defense," the company announced.

In addition, Appdome has released Generation 5 of its in-app mobile defense framework to provide "the most advanced cyber and anti-fraud defenses for the newest mobile platforms, more sophisticated in-app UX/UI choices and new telemetry and intelligence options for mobile brands globally," the company stated.

Appdome Originates Anti-Bot Protection for Mobile Apps

MOBILEBot Defense helps mobile brands protect against bot attacks, fraud, account takeovers, API abuse, credential stuffing and other cyber threats, Appdome stated.

The solution's features include:

  • Ability to detect and stop mobile bots on hosts, URLs and API endpoints
  • Insights into over 100 on-device threats, including Android and iOS malware, hacking frameworks, and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Insights into over 50 mobile bot detection methods in Android and iOS apps, including keystroke injection, emulators and simulators
  • Mobile application fingerprinting based on multi-layered methods to help users distinguish legitimate mobile apps from fake apps, trojan and malware-controlled apps and botnets
  • Prepackaged geo-spoofing defense that allows users to catch geo-location spoofing and check for mismatches between time zone, longitude, latitude and other location attributes

Commenting on why his company created MOBILEBot Defense, Appdome CEO Tom Tovar said:

"Mobile is a unique platform and different technical methods are needed inside Android and iOS apps to detect and stop bots. We built the first anti-bot solution tailor-made for the way mobile apps and mobile app attacks work, because that's where businesses and consumers need it most."

MOBILEBot Defense is available for Android and iOS mobile applications and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines under the "Anti-Bot" tab on the Appdome Cyber Defense Automation platform.

Appdome Simplifies and Accelerates Mobile App Security

Gen5 offers "cyber and anti-fraud defense, intelligence and in-app UX/UI features for Android and iOS apps built in any language or framework," Appdome said.

Key features of Gen5 include:

  • New behavioral detection methods that help users identify digital manipulation techniques and other advanced threats
  • New deep threat detection capabilities for mobile malware protection
  • New ThreatEvents in-app threat intelligence and control framework capabilities, including mobile device heartbeat that allows Appdome to signal a mobile app about device and/or connection health before it initiates a workflow
  • Support for Mac M-series Processors for iPhone and iPad apps
  • Support for VR-headsets, including the Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro VR Headset

Commenting on what Gen5 means for mobile brands and developers, Gil Hartman, Appdome's vice president of Engineering, said

"With Gen5, mobile brands and developers can deploy any kind of mobile app defense on the newest architectures, in the newest frameworks and support the most dynamic languages, with much better information and control than anywhere else."

Gen5 will be available to Appdome Dev+ customers beginning July 1, 2023.

What MSSPs Need to Know About Appdome

Appdome is "the mobile app economy's one-stop-shop for mobile app defense," the company said. It offers an eXtended detection and response (XDR) platform and other mobile security solutions.

Appdome provides a partner program. To date, over 100 channel partners are using Appdome's security suite and developer tools to help their customers secure their mobile apps, the company indicated.

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