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Beachhead Solutions Adds Encryption-as-a-Service for MSPs

Beachhead Solutions, a company that specializes in cloud-managed PC and mobile device encryption, security and data access control, has added encryption-as-a-service capabilities to its SimplySecure management system for MSPs and MSSPs.

The company unveiled an upgraded version of SimplySecure at this week's DattoCon Paris MSP conference.

MSPs and MSSPs now can use SimplySecure to deliver encryption-as-a-service, according to Beachhead. In doing so, MSPs and MSSPs can help organizations secure their data and comply with European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

A Closer Look at SimplySecure

SimplySecure provides a web-based management tool that allows MSPs and MSSPs to remotely secure mobile devices, Beachhead noted. It is delivered as a service and enables MSPs and MSSPs to add SimplySecure modules as needed.

SimplySecure's features include:

  • Data encryption.
  • Password and security policy enforcement.
  • Reporting.

The SimplySecure Reseller Program offers a recurring revenue stream for MSPs and MSSPs, Beachhead stated. With this program, MSPs and MSSPs can use SimplySecure to provide encryption, security and management capabilities across customers' mobile devices.

Beachhead Unveils Datto Autotask PSA Integration

Beachhead is also developing a SimplySecure integration module for the Datto Autotask PSA, a professional services automation (PSA) platform for MSPs.

The Datto Autotask PSA integration provides SimplySecure users with event alerting, automated ticketing and integrated billing data for service and contract billing, Beachhead stated.

Beachhead also plans to integrate SimplySecure with the Datto RMM (remote monitoring and management) platform, the company stated. That way, MSPs and MSSPs will be able to use SimplySecure in conjunction with Datto RMM to scale and improve their service delivery operations.

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