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Carvir Managed Security Services Partners Protect 2,000 Businesses


Carvir, a master MSSP that offers malware, ransomware and virus protection services, says its MSP partners have provided its SentinelOne endpoint security solution to more than 2,000 businesses.

With the SentinelOne solution, Carvir's MSP partners can offer behavior-based threat detection to help companies protect their data from advanced malware, exploits, drive-bys and script-based attacks, the company stated.

The SentinelOne solution gives Carvir's MSP partners the ability to identify and roll back ransomware with integrated response capabilities, the company said. It offers a security agent that delivers full visibility into endpoints, pinpoints malicious activity and helps businesses safeguard Windows, OS X and Linux endpoint devices.

Carvir: Here's What MSPs Need to Know

Carvir is an MSSP and SentinelOne partner with a staff of 16 employees, and its executive team includes professionals who have owned or managed an MSP in the past, a company spokesperson told MSSP Alert.

Key company leaders include CEO Jay Ryerse and COO Drew Sanford, both of whom are well-known across the IT services market.

The business emphasizes the following areas to support its MSP partners:

  • Solution: Provides the SentinelOne endpoint protection solution to help partners deliver enterprise-level security.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC): Leverages a North America SOC that works around the clock to analyze threats, provide guidance and deliver forensics to partners.
  • Marketing and Sales Support: Hosts bi-monthly educational webinars, provides marketing support media and offers coaching calls with a dedicated marketing and sales team.

Ultimately, this "three-legged stool" approach to partner success has helped Carvir succeed in the managed services space, a company spokesperson stated.

"Each leg is critical to a partner’s success. If aren't successful, we aren't successful," the spokesperson said.

Carvir helps MSPs protect companies against ransomware threats, viruses and hacks, the company said. Going forward, Carvir will continue to explore ways to support its MSP partners, expand its operations and accelerate its growth.

"We continue to protect IT businesses and their clients from cybercriminals," a Carvir spokesperson said. "We do this by providing best-in-class tools, quality education and an MSP-focused sales and security team."

Rise of Master MSSPs?

Amid the cybersecurity skills shortage, MSSP Alert believes many small IT service providers will not have the resources to build out full-blown managed security practices. With that thesis in mind, we're closely watching the potential rise of so-called Master MSSPs -- which offer various SOC (security operations center), alerting and mitigation services to smaller MSPs. By its very nature, Carvir fits that Master MSSP description.

Several major cybersecurity companies, including Cylance, are looking to recruit more MSSPs to support smaller partners. However, the master MSSP trend also faces it own set of challenges. Most specifically, the Master MSSPs need to offer truly value-added services like SOCs -- rather than merely reselling a vendor's security software. We've already heard examples of MSPs partnering up with master MSSPs, but then bypassing the Master MSSP and working directly with security vendors.

In Carvir's case, it sounds like the company is gaining momentum with its MSP base.

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