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Cohesity Forms Data Security Alliance, Offers Up its Data Cloud and AI Resources

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Cohesity, a data security and management specialist, is partnering with the “who’s who” of cybersecurity to give customers more ways to win the war against cyberattacks, the company said in a prepared statement.

The new Data Security Alliance, says Cohesity, “brings together the boldest solutions and the brightest minds in security to provide customers with a comprehensive approach that integrates data protection and resilience into an end-to-end security strategy. This strategy starts at prevention, extends to early detection and protection and also includes rapid recovery — critical in the event of a cyberattack.”

The Alliance’s Who’s Who of Data Security

The Data Security Alliance combines best-in-class solutions from cybersecurity and services companies with Cohesity’s data security and management support.

Ecosystem partners include:

It Takes a Village

Alliance partners can use Cohesity’s AI-based anomaly detection to gain early insights that an attack may be in progress and accelerate response and remediation, the company said. Cohesity notes that its API-first approach "makes it incredibly easy" for security partners to join the alliance and integrate their solutions with Cohesity’s data security and management platform.

Cohesity CEO and president Sanjay Poonen explained the inspiration for the alliance:

“Today’s non-stop and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats require an all-hands-on-deck approach. It’s not the responsibility of one vendor to solve all cybersecurity challenges. It takes a village to fight the bad guys. That’s why, out of the gate, we’re starting with multiple best-of-breed security partners, with tens of billions in market cap, who are serving thousands of customers globally.”

Poonen noted that alliance will use the Cohesity Data Cloud to help customers easily integrate data security and resilience into their overall security strategy:

“This not only helps enterprises better protect against the threat of cyberattacks but brings together CIOs and CISOs to the collaboration table to fight cybercrime in ways not seen before in our industry.”

Michael Rogers, vice president of global alliances at CrowdStrike, explained why his company joined the alliance:

“We at CrowdStrike believe frictionless data security is critical to drive business value for our customers. We continuously work to ensure that organizations with their endpoints, workloads and users continue to operate without obstacles, while data is continuously secured against breaches and insider threats, including ransomware exfiltration. We’re pleased to join this alliance and team up with Cohesity to help organizations strengthen their cyber resilience in the face of evolving sophisticated adversaries.”

Cohesity Expands Security Advisory Council

In a separate announcement, Cohesity has added Kelly Bissell, CVP of Microsoft Security Services, to the Cohesity Security Advisory Council. As the council’s seventh member, Bissell brings nearly 30 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity with former security leadership roles at Accenture and Deloitte.

The Cohesity Security Advisory Council, led by Mandiant CEO Kevin Mandia, brings together industry leading visionaries with deep security and IT expertise from a host of enterprise and government agencies.

Mandia, a member of the Cohesity Board of Directors, expressed his enthusiasm for his involvement in the Data Security Alliance:

“Cybercriminals continue to up their game, often attacking backups in an effort to neutralize an organization’s options and increase leverage for their ransom demands. At a time of ever-increasing cyber threats, it’s critical that cybersecurity, data security and management companies work hand-in-hand to collaborate and keep bad actors at bay. We’re thrilled to be part of this security alliance.”

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