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Concentric AI Unveils Deep Learning-Based Secrets, Key Detection Capabilities

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Concentric AI has updated its Semantic Intelligence data security posture management (DSPM) solution to help security teams minimize the threat of malware attacks that can lead to data loss, according to the company.

Security teams now can use Semantic Intelligence deep learning-based detection capabilities to find hardcoded secrets and key credentials across their organizations' on-premises and cloud data repositories, as well as email and messaging applications, Concentric said. Then, they can delete sensitive information that can otherwise get exposed during malware attacks.

How Concentric AI's Detection Capabilities Benefit Security Teams

Cybercriminals can use generative AI to "trick employees into clicking on harmful links or downloading malicious attachments," Concentric explained. And after malware and attackers compromise an organization's network, they can search for and discover secrets and keys for access to applications in unstructured data. They also can access secrets and keys to Google Drive, Github and other data repositories.

Security teams can use Semantic Intelligence to apply natural language processing (NLP) to identify secrets and keys across on-premises and cloud data repositories and email and messaging applications without using static rules or fixed patterns, Concentric said. This provides security teams with high-fidelity detection and helps them protect against generative AI-based cyberattacks and other sophisticated threats.

Commenting on the Semantic Intelligence updates and what they mean to security teams, Concentric CEO Karthik Krishnan said:

"Concentric AI is introducing a critical data security capability that is unmatched in the industry and important for all organizations as they work to prevent more advanced cybersecurity threats. Being the only company to leverage deep learning and NLP to address security issues of secrets and keys hidden in unstructured data gives Concentric AI the advantage in enabling organizations to prevent lateral movement of attackers and malware and ensure that sensitive data is protected.

"This is a huge win for all organizations with sensitive data in the battle to protect information from loss against sophisticated attacks."

Concentric AI Launches Channel Partner Program

The Semantic Intelligence update comes after Concentric in April 2023 announced a channel partner program that allows technology resellers to use Semantic Intelligence to discover, monitor and protect their customers' unstructured and structured data, the company said.

Key features of Concentric's channel partner program include:

  • Registration protection
  • Technical training and documentation
  • Sales support

Semantic Intelligence scans organizations' data, identifies critical content and the most appropriate classification category for it and tags this information, Concentric stated. From here, Semantic Intelligence helps security teams identify unauthorized access, wrong entitlements and other data risks.

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