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CyberArk Unveils Identity Security Advancements

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CyberArk announced key advancements in the areas of identity management, cloud privilege security and secrets management during its CyberArk Impact Identity Security Conference 2022, July 12-14 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Setting the table for discussions and innovations around identity security, the identity security company says, “Organizations continue to play a difficult balancing game, as they must manage down cybersecurity debt brought on by rapid moves to the cloud and SaaS adoption.”

This scenario creates a surge in identities, while bolstering defenses to brace for coming waves of attacker sophistication and unrelenting attacks, according to CyberArk. They often in the form of ransomware and the exploitation of software supply chain weaknesses.

In fact, for every human identity there are 45 machine identities, CyberArk says, and more than half of an organization’s workforce has access to sensitive corporate data. These human and machine identities represent an expanded attack surface. This adds pressure to mounting cybersecurity insurance and compliance requirements.

Advancing Business Critical Identity Security

CyberArk’s Identity Security Platform enables secure access for any identity, human or machine, to any resource or environment from anywhere using any device. Security professionals can centrally manage and enforce one policy and standard across the entire enterprise. This included mixed environments, without changing compliance and audit processes.

At the conference, CyberArk announced key advancements in identity management, cloud privilege security and secrets management:

Identity Management

  • CyberArk Identity Flows automates identity management tasks through no-code / low-code app integrations and workflows for identity data, processes and events. With Identity Flows, users can take actions and make decisions from a single location, improving productivity and user experience.
  • CyberArk Identity Compliance makes it easier for organizations to enforce and demonstrate compliance. Identity Compliance can help organizations strengthen their security posture, enforce least privilege and comply with a growing number of regulatory requirements.​

Cloud Privilege Security

  • CyberArk Secure Cloud Access provisions Just-in-Time, which helps implement Zero Trust initiatives by reducing the risk of compromised privileged sessions for DevOps and cloud operations teams. With Secure Cloud Access, privileged sessions are provisioned with only the required permissions for the task at hand — protected from browser hijacking.

Secrets Management

The CyberArk Secrets Hub makes it easier for developers in hybrid environments to consume secrets on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS Secrets Manager. Meanwhile, security managers retain centralized control and the ability to enforce unified policies over secrets using existing processes and infrastructure. Related, see MSSP Alert article.

CyberArk Makes an Impact

Udi Mokady, CyberArk founder, chairman and CEO, describes how his company is meeting the identity security challenge:

“Two years ago at our CyberArk Impact event, we put a stake in the ground, detailing our vision and strategy for Identity Security. Since then, we’ve made great progress in realizing this vision. We have firmly established the category and consistently executed on our roadmap, raising the bar for innovation with a comprehensive Identity Security platform. Identity Security is now the standard for managing growth and reducing risk without compromise, and CyberArk is the leader. Our approach to Identity Security, centered on intelligent privilege controls, means customers can confidently drive greater cyber resilience built on Zero Trust.”

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