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CyberGuard360 Breach Detection Platform: What MSSPs Need to Know

Twitter: @CyberGuard360
Twitter: @CyberGuard360

Cybersecurity services provider CyberGuard360 has launched PIIGuard360, a breach detection platform to help organizations guard against human errors that lead to data breaches.

PIIGuard360 monitors, manages and mitigates the human and cultural side of organizations, according to CyberGuard360. It provides security awareness training to help organizations keep their employees up to date about evolving cyber threats.

In addition, PIIGuard360 can be used in conjunction with CyberGuard360's CyberGlass platform for managed service providers (MSPs) and MSSPs. This ensures MSPs and MSSPs can use PIIGuard360 and CyberGuard360 together to provide their customers with end-to-end protection against cyberattacks.

A Closer Look at CyberGlass

CyberGlass is a security monitoring and management (SMM) platform. It offers a variety of cybersecurity capabilities, including:

  • Asset Access, Scripting and Automated Response with CyberGlassAI: Provides direct asset access and automated response to cyberattacks.
  • Asset Discovery and Inventory: Identifies rogue assets and environmental changes.
  • Behavior Analytics: Builds profiles of user, system and network behaviors to create baseline norms.
  • Compliance Reporting: Automates steps required to comply with different standards.
  • Event Log Tracking and Management: Collects and analyzes logs from sources within an organization's network.

CyberGuard360 also launched CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 last year. CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 provides real-time information monitoring and management and leverages scripting and automation to enhance threat protection and remediation, CyberGuard360 noted.

What Is CyberGuard360?

CyberGuard360 offers the following cybersecurity products:

  • Next-Generation Endpoint Security.
  • Next-Generation Perimeter Security.
  • Policy and management.
  • Security Awareness Training.
  • SIEM.

CyberGuard360 also partners with MSPs and MSSPs, enabling them to incorporate its PIIGuard360, CyberGlass and CyberGlassAI offerings into their portfolios, the company says.

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