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ESET: Santa’s “Naughty List” Exposed in Data Breach

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The "naughty list" of Santa Claus was exposed in a data breach just days before Christmas, claimed antivirus, antimalware and internet security solutions company ESET. The personal information of more than 600,000 people were exposed due to the breach.

Today's data breaches are "far-reaching and varied in how they're deployed," ESET Chief Cybersecurity Evangelist Tony Anscombe said. However, organizations that plan ahead are well equipped to guard against data breaches.

ESET Provides Tips to Help Organizations Land on Santa's "Nice List"

Many organizations have been "naughty" in 2022, as they have suffered cyberattacks and data breaches that exposed the personal information of customers and employees, ESET indicated. However, there are several things these organizations and many others can do to land on Santa's "nice list," such as:

  • Review every data breach notification carefully. If an organization suffers a data breach, it must resist the urge to make a rash follow-up decision. Instead, the organization should learn about the breach, why it happened and what can be done to prevent future security incidents. It can then take appropriate measures to secure its operations.
  • Require employees to update their passwords regularly. A stringent password policy can have major ramifications on an organization and its employees. If an organization requires its employees to regularly update their passwords, these workers can make it difficult for cybercriminals to access its systems. Plus, an organization can verify only authorized personnel can access its systems, further reducing the risk of an insider attack.
  • Stay up to date on cyber threats. Cybercriminals are persistent, and they will continue to attack organizations of all sizes and across all industries. By staying diligent, an organization can protect itself and its customers and employees against data breaches now and in the future.

In addition, MSSPs can partner with organizations and provide them with managed security services that align with their requirements. That way, they can help these organizations protect against data breaches now and in the future.

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