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Fujitsu Global Managed Security Service Gains Forensic Technology

Fujitsu's global managed security service soon will feature forensic technology designed to help organizations identify cyberattack damage faster than ever before.

The forensic technology, available in June 2017, will help organizations reduce the time required to identify damage from cyberattacks from weeks to minutes, Fujitsu said in a prepared statement.

The forensic technology provides organizations with the ability to determine the extent of damage from a cyberattack by detecting and analyzing behaviors unique to targeted attacks from internet communications data, Fujitsu noted.

That way, organizations can learn about the source of a cyberattack and which devices are infected in minutes, according to Fujitsu.

The forensic technology also helps prevent the spread of a malware infection by removing infected devices from a network, Fujitsu indicated.

It enables early restoration of an attacked network environment, Fujitsu said, and allows organizations to take immediate countermeasures to minimize cyberattack damage.

Fujitsu Global Managed Security Service

The Fujitsu Global Managed Security Service "provides integrated lifecycle support to strengthen security resilience, mitigate risks and minimize damage of cyberattacks," according to the company.

With Fujitsu's forensic technology, the Global Managed Security Service monitors a customer's intranet 24 hours a day from a security operations center (SOC), Fujitsu said in a prepared statement.

By doing so, Fujitsu's security experts can determine the extent of a cyberattack's damage, Fujitsu noted, and provide rapid reporting to a customer.

Global Managed Security Services Market Expected to Grow

Forensic technology may help Fujitsu boost its earnings in the global managed security services market, a sector that is expected to grow over the next few years.

Several market research firms have released projections for the global managed security services market, including:

Persistence Market Research recently pointed out North America will serve as a key market for managed security services in the foreseeable future.

The market research firm has projected the North American managed security services market will grow seven-fold in terms of value between 2016 and 2026.

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