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IT Infrastructure Service Provider Kyndryl Introduces On-Demand Cyber Recovery Retainer Service

Kyndryl, one the world's largest IT infrastructure services providers, announced on July 25 a new retainer service to help customers recover from a cyberattack.

The Kyndryl Recovery Retainer Service “focuses on recovery actions that extend beyond incident response retainers available on the market today,” the IBM spin-off company stated in a news release. Kyndryl notes that the new service is a “natural complement to any incident response retainer,” such as ransomware.

24/7 Cyber Recovery Service

On-demand, qualified experts in cyber recovery are now available to assist customers in proactively improving cyber recovery preparedness, Kyndryl says. The service is intended to help customers get back up and running quickly — going beyond incident response retainer services that provide forensics but typically do not address recovery-related actions. These actions range from defining recovery processes based upon forensics, redeploying applications, restoring data, and cleaning systems, to other critical tasks.

Kris Lovejoy, Kyndryl Security and Resiliency global practice leader, explained the intended impact of the new recovery service:

"We need to see a shift in this field, from simply security to one of 'cyber resilience.' The public and private sector need both because today it is no longer a question of whether cyber attackers will breach our defenses, but when will they break through and how much damage they will do. The Recovery Retainer Service mitigates the impact of cyber incidents by having experts on hand.”

Kyndryl’s Managed Services Market Focus

The new service complements Kyndryl’s longer-term MSP growth plan that utilizes hyperscalers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to transform its service delivery capabilities and fix elements of its business that generate substandard margins.

As an independent company, Kyndryl is driving growth across six managed services markets, including:

  1. Cloud
  2. Applications, Data & AI
  3. Security & Resiliency
  4. Core Enterprise & zCloud
  5. Network & Edge
  6. Digital Workplace

Kyndryl will likely ramp up competition against IBM’s own consulting business in the managed cloud services provider market. For that matter, IBM has been busy acquiring cloud consulting companies worldwide. Kyndryl could potentially compete against the IBM Security business, which ranks among the world’s Top 250 MSSPs, according to MSSP Alert research.

Kyndryl has more than 90,000 employees serving approximately 4,000 customers in more than 60 countries around the world, including 75% of the Fortune 100, according to its company profile.

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