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Master MSSP Carvir Partners with EventTracker, Unveils SIEM for MSPs

Carvir, a master MSSP that offers malware, ransomware and virus protection services, has partnered with log monitoring solutions provider EventTracker to deliver a security information and event management (SIEM) service for managed service providers (MSPs). In addition, Carvir has expanded its global security threat team and security operations center (SOC) to provide the managed SIEM service.

The Carvir managed SIEM service features integrated response capabilities, according to a prepared statement. It allows MSPs to identify and roll back ransomware and protect customers against ransomware threats, viruses, hackers and zero-day attacks.

Furthermore, the new service may help Carvir capitalize on the fast-growing global SIEM market. Indeed, the global SIEM market is projected to be worth $4.54 billion by 2019, according to market research firm MarketsandMarkets. Key factors that may accelerate this segment's growth include the increasing number of data breaches and compliance violations in organizations and rising level of sophistication of cybercrime.

Still, smaller MSPs often don't have the budget, skill sets or time to consume SIEM. The Carvir-EventTracker relationship -- build specifically to support MSPs -- may help to resolve that challenge.

What Is Carvir?

Carvir offers a turnkey solution to help security and IT teams speed up threat detection, prioritization and response. It is a SentinelOne endpoint security software partner and enables MSPs to deliver behavior-based threat detection to stop advanced malware, exploits and other cyberattacks.

The Carvir partner program provides MSPs with the ability to offer the company's SentinelOne endpoint security solution to customers. Meanwhile, Carvir focuses on the following areas to support its MSP partners:

  • Solution: Provides the SentinelOne endpoint security solution to help partners deliver enterprise-level security.
  • SOC: Leverages a North America SOC to analyze threats, provide guidance and deliver forensics to partners.
  • Marketing and Sales Support: Hosts bi-monthly educational webinars, provides marketing support media and offers coaching calls with a dedicated marketing and sales team.

Carvir's MSP partners have provided its SentinelOne endpoint security solution to more than 2,000 businesses, according to the company.

What Is a Master MSSP?

A master MSSP offers security services to smaller MSPs, which then provide these services to customers. By doing so, a master MSSP helps smaller MSPs enter the security market and bolster their portfolios.

In many instances, smaller MSPs cannot offer comprehensive security services due to tight budgets or a shortage of IT security professionals on staff. Now, smaller MSPs can partner with a master MSSP to add security services without significant upfront costs.

Partnering with a master MSSP enables a smaller MSP to provide comprehensive security services. As such, Carvir and other master MSSPs could become exceedingly important to smaller MSPs in the foreseeable future.

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