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Monitoring the Dark Web: The MSSP Opportunity

Among the many services that MSSPs can add to their stacks, dark web monitoring is one that can add value to the services provided to end customers and differentiate your organization in the market.

Dark web intelligence can detect and anticipate cybersecurity threats at their inception, according to MSSP Nuspire, which recently added the service to its portfolio offered to client companies. This MSSP is not alone.

More than half (56%) of managed security service providers (MSSPs) are undertaking dark web monitoring to answer a surge in customer demand, according to a study last year by Searchlight Cyber of 500 such specialists in the U.S. and U.K.

The U.K.-based Searchlight's report also uncovered that two-thirds (67%) of the participants’ clients have requested threat intelligence from the dark web. Many of the MSSPs in the study are embracing dark web intelligence to meet client needs. And those who have undertaken dark web monitoring have unlocked new opportunities to help boost revenue, the study said.

Dark Web Monitoring: What is It?

Dark web monitoring is a cybersecurity service that involves scanning, searching and monitoring the dark web to identify and alert individuals or organizations when their sensitive data — such as credit card details, passwords, Social Security numbers, and other personal information — might be found circulating or for sale. The dark web is a part of the internet that is not indexed by standard search engines and is accessed through special software that allows users to remain anonymous.

Nuspire introduced its dark web monitoring service earlier this month. The company said translating this raw intelligence into actionable strategies can be challenging. That’s because security teams often face hurdles such as a lack of context, time constraints and limited resources. This intelligence contains three sets of data feeds curated from the dark and deep Web, malware networks, botnets and other technical infrastructure used by cybercriminals and fraudsters to commit financial crime.

Nuspire’s Dark Web Defense Strategy

Nuspire describes its new dark web offering as one that “fortifies the existing managed security suite with a dual-layered defense strategy, effectively safeguarding client environments against both external intrusions and internal vulnerabilities.”

Nuspire CEO Lewie Dunsworth stresses that how you act on that early intelligence is what truly counts.

"Our dark web monitoring service goes beyond merely identifying these threats; it offers the expert guidance needed to comprehend and execute the essential steps to reduce risk,” Dunsworth said. “When integrated with Nuspire's detection and response services, dark web monitoring not only significantly bolsters defenses against both external and internal threats, but also empowers our team to actively mitigate those threats directly within client environments."

How Nuspire Patrols the Dark Web

Nuspire scours dark web marketplaces, forums, select threat actor communication channels, ransomware extortion sites, credential exposure points and paste bins to locate compromised data from their customers. Its dark web monitoring can integrate with any of Nuspire's managed security services or can be used as a stand-alone service.

The offering includes:

  • Continuous Dark Web Monitoring enables constant surveillance of the dark web to identify emerging threats.
  • Brand and Typo Squatting Monitoring continuously scan the internet for instances of brand impersonation and fraud intended to exploit customers, steal sensitive information or distribute malware. Nuspire offers an option to add takedown services.
  • Data Breach Alert System promptly notifies organizations when their data is discovered on the dark web, enabling them to respond rapidly to potential security breaches.
  • Threat Analysis Reporting provides detailed insights into the nature and potential impact of threats detected on the dark web.
  • Customized Threat Intelligence delivers threat intelligence specifically tailored to each organization's unique needs.
  • Expert Alert Review provides cybersecurity experts who analyze alerts to ensure they are accurate and relevant, helping to filter out false positives so organizations can focus on genuine threats.
  • Combine with Detection & Response Services enables Nuspire’s experts to handle the investigation and remediation directly in a client’s environment.

More MSSPs Offering Dark Web Monitoring

As MSSPs look to add dark web monitoring to their main stacks or as an add on services, they have a number of choices of tools from vendors who work with MSSPs and provide multi-tenant tools. Those vendors include the following:

  • Searchlight Cyber provides dark web alerts and investigation tools, enabling MSSPs to preempt attacks by identifying malicious activity early. It features a multi-tenant dashboard, automated dark web intelligence, and offers both strategic and tactical licenses, catering to different engagement levels. It includes real-time monitoring and alerting, agentless visibility into Tor traffic, and a virtual machine for dark web access. In addition, Searchlight Cyber will launch its 2024 edition of The Practitioner’s Guide To The Dark Web at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco. The latest edition includes new intelligence from the dark web ecosystem to equip security professionals and law enforcement investigators with the most recent insights to help them to effectively combat dark web threats, the company said.
  • Cybersixgill offers a multi-tenant security platform that provides dark web monitoring and ransomware protection. The platform features automatic threat intelligence solutions to detect and protect against various cyber threats. The platform enables monitoring of malicious indicators and offers a vulnerability scoring system.
  • Judy Security operates the Judy Control Center, a multi-tenant platform designed for both MSSPs and MSPs. It provides real-time insights, analytics, and reporting, supporting a wide range of devices, including Windows, MacBooks, Chromebooks, Android and iOS devices. The platform assists in analyzing security incidents and identifying ways to enhance security architecture.
  • QuoLab Technologies offers a multi-tenant security-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides a holistic view of compromising indicators affecting client bases. It allows for threat investigations and management of threat intelligence data, identifying patterns and vulnerabilities across customer IT environments.
  • ZeroFox provides a multi-tenant SaaS platform for MSSPs focusing on protection across social media and digital channels. It features automated monitoring and alerting, advanced analyst capabilities, and seamless integration with existing security management environments.
  • Trustifi has a multi-tenant management dashboard for MSSPs that facilitates the management and oversight of Trustifi licenses across multiple clients. It features drag-and-drop configurations, custom data loss protection and inbound email filtering rules, allowing for efficient administration across a multi-tenant environment.
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