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SandboxAQ Launches CISO Council

SandboxAQ, a SaaS company and Alphabet subsidiary that offers a crypto-agile security suite, has created a CISO Council to "steer the next wave of innovation in cryptographic management," the company said.

Here are the council's founding members:

The council will also include CISOs selected from SandboxAQ partners, customers and cryptography and cybersecurity industry contributors, the company noted.

CISO Council Guides the Roadmap of SandboxAQ's Security Suite

The council will engage in strategic conversations with other cybersecurity leaders and look for ways to enhance SandboxAQ's security suite. In doing so, the council will help SandboxAQ "push the boundaries of what [SandboxAQ's] security suite can achieve," said Marc Manzano, general manager of the company's security suite.

In addition, the council will "guide the future development (of SandboxAQ's security suite) and promote our collective insights on modern cryptography management," Ramsden stated. That way, organizations will be able to use the suite to develop a zero trust architecture and keep pace with quantum era threats.

SandboxAQ Offers Library of Cryptographic Algorithms

The CISO Council announcement comes after SandboxAQ in August 2023 launched Sandwich, an open source framework and meta-library of cryptographic algorithms designed to simplify cryptography management.

Developers can use Sandwich to embed cryptographic algorithms into their applications and change them as technologies and threats evolve without having to rewrite code, SandboxAQ noted. They can also create their stack, or "sandwich"” of protocols and implementations as a cryptographic object.

SandboxAQ provides artificial intelligence and quantum technologies to organizations. It has secured at least $500 million in funding and continues to explore ways to expand.

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