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Searchlight Cyber Offers Dark Web Traffic Visualizations

Searchlight Cyber has updated the Dark Web Traffic Monitoring capabilities of its DarkIQ web monitoring solution to provide organizations with "deeper insight into dark web traffic to and from their network," according to the company.

With Searchlight's Dark Web Traffic Monitoring enhancements, organizations can use DarkIQ to stay up to date about potentially malicious activity and the possibility of an attack in preparation or in progress, the company stated.

Helping Organizations Analyze Their Dark Web Data

Organizations can use Searchlight's Dark Web Traffic Monitoring enhancements to visualize dark web data, the company said. That way, they can respond to dark web threats more effectively than ever before.

In addition, organizations can use these enhancements to assess a wide range of dark web traffic and segment data by incoming and outgoing traffic, Searchlight noted. This helps organizations identify anomalies and potential threats.

Dark Web Data Powers Security Investigations

Searchlight's Dark Web Traffic Monitoring delivers data on the connections between an organization's infrastructure and the Tor dark web network, the company stated.

Organizations can utilize Dark Web Traffic Monitoring to view live dark web traffic data to see warning signs that indicate a cyberattack may be underway, Searchlight said.

They can also access historic traffic dark web data to investigate security incidents, Searchlight indicated.

Dark Web Intelligence Solutions for French Organizations

The Dark Web Traffic Monitoring enhancements come after Searchlight in October 2023 announced a partnership with Semkel, a French firm that specializes in economic intelligence. Semkel is now offering Searchlight's DarkIQ and Cerberus dark web investigation platform to French organizations, the business said. These organizations can leverage Searchlight's technologies to identify cyberattacks in their early stages and adjust their cyber defenses as needed.

Searchlight provides organizations with dark web intelligence that they can use to prevent cybercriminal activity. The company was originally referred to as Searchlight Security and rebranded as Searchlight Cyber in December 2022.

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