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Secureworks Launches Security Posture Dashboard

Credit: Secureworks

Secureworks, a Top 250 MSSP, has released the Taegis Security Posture Dashboard to help organizations evaluate their security posture and prepare for cyberattacks, according to the company.

The dashboard uses billions of security events that the Taegis platform analyzes daily to produce security insights, Secureworks said. From here, the dashboard provides benchmarking data from industry peers and market verticals. Organizations can use the benchmarking data to see how their security posture stacks up against their counterparts and industry and look for ways to improve it.

How the Taegis Security Posture Dashboard Works

The Taegis Security Posture Dashboard provides insights across the following areas:

  • Event Pipeline offers a snapshot of how ingested security events are triaged and handled.
  • Alerts Per Endpoint shows security activity across an environment and how security alerts compare to those across an organization's industry.
  • Investigation Response illustrates the speed and impact of an organization's security investigations.
  • Sensor Coverage helps an organization identify device health review areas.
  • Confirmed Security Threats validates security threats and shows an organization if it is experiencing more or fewer security incidents compared to its industry peers.
  • Taegis Detection Updates highlights the countermeasures that are being deployed to protect an organization against cyberattacks.

The dashboard contains metrics that compare a current date range to a previous date range of the same size, Secureworks stated. For example, an organization can select a seven-day range. In this instance, the data will show the percentage difference for the last seven days versus the previous seven days. Meanwhile, these metrics can help an organization track its progress as it tries to optimize its security posture.

Secureworks Expands XDR Support for Google Cloud Platform, SaaS Applications

The Taegis Security Posture Dashboard announcement comes after Secureworks in March 2023 added telemetry from devices running in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to its Taegis XDR platform. Secureworks also integrated Taegis XDR with Google Workspace logs to support "organizations' digital growth whether they run on GCP, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure (or) have a multi-cloud or hybrid strategy," the company stated.

Previously, Secureworks rolled out its Partner First strategy in December 2022. Secureworks continues to evolve from an MSSP to a cloud-based security software provider. The company remains focused on its Partner First strategy and pursuing partnerships with MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers.

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