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Team8 Launches Automated Application Security Platform

Cyber resilience and data science technology company Team8 has launched Portshift, an identity-based cloud workload protection platform provider backed by $5.3 million in seed funding.

Portshift also will showcase its cloud workload protection platform at next week's AWS Re:Invent cloud conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Portshift platform offers continuous security from code to run-time, and its features include:

  • Identity-Based Policies: Allows an organization to replace a security group with identity-based rules defined across its environments.
  • Identity-Based Visibility: Provides identity-based visibility into an organization's applications and connections.
  • Zero-Trust Architecture: Ensures that only signed and authorized processes or containers can be run or communicate down to the operating system level.

In addition, the Portshift platform uncovers application interactions across an organization and authenticates any workload, within any environment, the company stated. It also is designed to fit into existing workflows and ensures continuous delivery (CD) compliance, reveals interactions in flat and open networks and illustrates gaps in an organization's networking policies.

A Closer Look at Team8 and Portshift

Team8 was founded in 2014 by former leaders of the Israeli Defense Force's Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200. It offers a cybersecurity think-tank and company creation platform that uses the following process to build companies:

  1. Exploration: Identifies enterprise technology challenges and examines ways to address these issues.
  2. Ideation: Focuses on developing a solution that could provide the foundation of an industry-leading company.
  3. Validation: Tests a solution and confirms its marketability and scalability.
  4. Execution: Launches a business plan and go-to-market strategies designed to drive growth and market adoption; at this point, Team8 also becomes a co-founder of the company and finances the business.

Portshift was spun out of Team8 and provides a platform that separates security from network and operations activities. The company enables organizations to see which applications are running on their cloud environments and how these applications communicate with one another and helps development and operations (DevOps) teams orchestrate security as part of their day-to-day activities.

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