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VicOne-TomTom Partnership Protects Private Data in Connected Cars

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VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions provider, and TomTom, a geolocation technology specialist, have collaborated on a new solution to provide data security in network-connected cars.

Securing "Supercomputers on Wheels"

With automotive manufacturers more focused on delivering enhanced and more secure services to car users to extend their cabin experience, they are now planning to provide in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) apps, for conference calling, gaming and other services.

However, adding a set of expanded applications could provide fertile ground for hackers to steal a car user's personal information, said the partners. VicOne’s new secure-centric application enables automotive manufacturers to protect car users’ data privacy in-vehicle through its purpose-built smart cockpit cybersecurity software, the collaborators said.

Explaining the dynamics of the partnership, Edward Tsai, VicOne vice president of strategic partnership, said:

“With cars becoming supercomputers on wheels, the combination of comprehensive threat intelligence with network security expertise is more critical than ever. While personalized information is the future of mobility, a future-ready threat protection in-cabin is required. VicOne and TomTom share a vision for better digital lives in the cockpit, now we can bring the automotive ecosystem a step closer to this future.”

Security App and More

Some of the features of the security solution, include:

  • Drivers can protect themselves against cyber threats with the VicOne security app that can be downloaded and installed on their IVI system.
  • Safeguards private and personal information that cyber thieves can steal from in-car phone or video calls using malicious IVI apps or vulnerable browsers.
  • VicOne detects malicious apps and URLs and alerts car owners to avoid opening them.
  • The VicOne solution allows car owners to block these apps to prevent future exposure.
  • VicOne's solution can turn passive into active with 24/7 personal data surveillance, monitoring everything from email addresses to bank account numbers, credit card details, Social Security numbers, and much more.
  • When this sensitive personal information is leaked, VicOne notifies car owners so they can take action immediately to protect themselves and their data from being compromised.

Explaining how the partnership will safeguard car users’ personal data, Paul Hesen, TomTom product management vice president, said:

“A connected cockpit unlocks a world of possibilities and potential pitfalls, and our partnership with VicOne underscores our everlasting commitment to ensure a uniquely safe and secure driver experience. Together, we are able to provide a single, consistent, cohesive and task-oriented digital cockpit that delivers peace of mind for consumers when inside the car.”

D. Howard Kass

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