MSSP Privacy Statement


So, here's our approach to privacy. We drafted a few thousands words for the policy. Then we removed the redundant, misleading and confusing terms. And came up with this...

  1. Private: Sign up for our editorial newsletters, research reports and website and that info remains private between you and CyberRisk Alliance (MSSP Alert's parent).
  2. Shared: Sign up for  webcasts,  sponsored white papers and other sponsored programs and the sponsor receives your contact info.
  3. Updates: If anything changes in our privacy statement we'll update it here.

2. Your Rights (Aligned With GDPR):

  1. Breach Notification Policy: If our website is experiencing a data breach of any kind, we will communicate it to our users within 72 hours of first becoming aware of a breach. 
  2. Right to Access:We collect your data via our subscription services such as newsletters, webcast registrations, website registrations, surveys and reader comments. You can request your data and we will reply within 40 days with that information.
  3. Right to Be Forgotten:We will remove you from our email and contact database upon your request.
  4. Data Portability:  Ask us for your data and you can transfer it elsewhere.

3. More of Your Rights (Aligned With CCPA):

  1. You: You have the right to  know all data we collect about you them, including what categories of data and why it is being acquired, before it is collected, and any changes to its collection. MSSP Alert: We only collect the information you share via our newsletter, webcast and site subscriptions. You have to take action (i.e., complete and submit a form) to share that info with us.
  2. You: Have the right to refuse the sale of their information. MSSP Alert: Please don't sign up for our webcasts if you don't want the info you share to reach our sponsors.
  3. You: Have the right to request deletion of their data. MSSP Alert: Simply email us at the addresses below. We'll determine if we have any data pertaining to you, and we'll let you know that we've made the deletion.
  4. You: Have the mandated right to opt in before the sale of information of children under 16. MSSP Alert: We are a B2B news organization focused on business owners, not children.
  5. You: Have the right to know the categories of third parties with whom their data is shared, as well as those from whom their data was acquired. MSSP Alert: We share webcast registration data with our sponsors listed here.
  6. You: Have the right to enforcement by the attorney general of the state of California. MSSP Alert: Agreed.
  7. You: Have the private right of action should breach occur, to ensure companies keep their information safe. MSSP Alert: Will alert you if a breach of your data occurs.