10 Cloud Management Platform Capabilities for MSSPs to Consider

A journey to build secure business revenue shouldn’t be complex; however, many businesses find that security takes up a disproportionate amount of their IT team’s time. Managed security service providers (MSSP) are increasingly filling the security gap allowing their clients to stay safe. For MSSPs transitioning from an IT support services practice to one that delivers cybersecurity and risk management, it can be an exciting opportunity – but it is not without challenges.

I find myself wondering, does a platform that provides the security your customers demand, and the simplicity that empowers your team to do more in less time, exist? My colleague Stephen Helm, product marketing manager at WatchGuard, wrote this eBook where he takes you on a journey that can help you simplify your client management while enabling rapid, efficient and profitable business growth.

Although the eBook covers topics ranging from cybersecurity and the digital transformation to automation, I’d like to highlight 10 things that should consider when looking for a cloud management platform:

  1. Increased efficiency and compliance so you can deploy solutions in minutes
  2. Policy templates that can apply configurations to multiple appliances across multiple tiers and tenants
  3. Streamlined configuration and deployment of security policy
  4. Offline configuration, and the ability to schedule deployment in advance
  5. Policy Map and Policy Usage Reports can be used for automated audits, to find active and misconfigured policies, and to free up teams
  6. Role-based access control to ensure that only appropriate IT admins have access
  7. Less stressful and more rewarding policy management, cutting time in day-to-day operations
  8. Easily define networks for VoIP systems or other IoT devices with intent-based network set-up
  9. Consolidated traffic types when rules cut down on the number of rules to manage
  10. Firmware upgrades made easy from the Cloud platform when downloaded on schedule around the world from a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Ready to chart your road to security and make management simpler? Download the eBook: Charting the Road to Security Revenue.

Author Milena Babayev is senior product marketing manager at WatchGuard Technologies. Read more WatchGuard guest blogs here