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Threat Hunting vs. Threat Detection: What’s the Difference?

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There are four main differences between threat hunting and threat detection that MSSPs should keep in mind, WatchGuard Technologies asserts.

How to Boost MSP Efficiency Through Wi-Fi as a Service

Fully 96% of MSPs surveyed are consolidating vendors to simplify IT security management and regain time, WatchGuard Technologies reports.

Strong Relationships Matter More When MSPs Consolidate Vendors

MSPs that consolidate around a single security vendor gain operational efficiencies, simplified billing cycles, product integrations & more, according to WatchGuard.

Five Ways to Give Your Customers Cutting-Edge Endpoint Security

MSSPs need to focus on cloud-native, automated endpoint security backed by threat hunting capabilities, WatchGuard Technologies asserts.

Why MSPs Should Choose a Multi-Tier Cloud-Based Security Platform

A multi-tier cloud-based security platform allows MSPs to manage, configure & report on their security services for each customer. WatchGuard Technologies explains how.

XDR and Automation: MSSPs’ Not So Secret Weapon

Here are three areas of security automation that make XDR (eXtended detection response) effective for MSSPs, WatchGuard Technologies reports.

Reduce The Operational Costs And Offer Better Services By Implementing Tight Integrations

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Traditionally, MSSPs build service offerings as they go, using solutions and technologies from different vendors. But there’s a better way.

Get More Productivity with Web Single Sign-On

Secure web single sign-on (SSO) is a powerful authentication strategy that doesn’t require clients to change their passwords on a regularly.

Three Ways to Narrow the Attack Surface with Zero-Trust

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Proper zero-trust approaches can dramatically reduce the threat surface of a remote workforce & simplify security, WatchGuard Technologies explains.

10 Cloud Management Platform Capabilities for MSSPs to Consider

How can MSSPs more easily deploy & manage cybersecurity services for end-customers? Keep these cloud management capabilities in mind.