Why MSPs Should Choose a Multi-Tier Cloud-Based Security Platform


Do you know the top reason your customers choose to work with you? Is it price? Reputation? Quality of the integrations you provide? Any of these are good reasons to want to work with an MSP. Now, if we flip the coin... what is your dream security platform? One that helps you increase profit would be an easy answer.

Sam Manjarres, author, Watchguard
Author: Sam Manjarres, product marketing manager, WatchGuard Technologies

The security industry is currently experiencing two strong trends: the increasing attacks on public and private sectors and the accelerated growth of new business models (remote work, hybrid approach, digital transformation and more). Managed service providers need tools to manage and protect all things IT in a solid centralized environment.

Having a multi-tier Cloud-based security platform gives MSPs the ability to manage, configure, and report on their security services for each customer from one platform with one, intuitive interface. This means that you could reduce your infrastructure costs, accelerate customer acquisition with streamlined onboarding and minimize the time you spend on operational tasks.

Differentiate your business with an integrated approach that gives you more for less

Configure the platform the way you want

The multi-tier, multi-tenant design makes managing customers easy because these platforms allow you to view and manage multiple customers from one screen or drill drown through multiple account layers.

Increase profits by reducing cost

When choosing a Cloud-based security platform you reduce the need to deploy or maintain infrastructure. Upgrades and maintenance are automatically delivered with minimal impact to ongoing business activities. Plus, this can also help you substantially reduce investment and time required to deploy, set up and go to market with services.

Take advantage of unique features

Look for a multi-tier platform that goes beyond the standard offering with features that further help to eliminate the management burden without any added cost. For example, if you are looking to sell multi-factor authentication, search for solutions that allow you to inherit users from the parent partner account. This adds a great layer of flexibility and efficiency as inherited MSP staff can be used on authentication policies within the managed account, without the need to add more tokens or user licenses. Learn more here.

Reduce time on operational tasks

Spend less time on operational tasks and more time on those that matter with a platform that streamlines and simplifies workflows. Free up the time you spend managing service licenses, onboarding customers, handling support tickets, and setting up resources with WatchGuard Cloud’s automated alerts, built-in roles, and simplified management features.

Along with providing a better overview of systems you manage, multi-tier Cloud-based platforms also mean you are enabling more automated tools, which only contribute to more operational efficiency and the opportunity to save costs and invest in expanding your business.

Guest blog courtesy of Sam Manjarres, product marketing manager, WatchGuard Technologies. Read more WatchGuard guest blogs here.