6 Benefits of Bundling Services


Being an MSP may be profitable, but adding bundles to your offerings is a critical way to earn predictable monthly income and grow your business. Bundling services is one of the main practices of a successful MSP. Having the know-how to construct bundles can have a direct and positive effect on your revenue. They simplify sales conversations and ensure that clients have at least a minimum level of protection.

In order to scale your business as an MSP, you need to be able to offer a few bundle options so you can standardize your business; standardization is how an MSP wins. Clients want a system that’s easy to use, that gives them maximum uptime, and that just works.

The Six Benefits of Bundling:

1. Increases Revenue

Bundles simplify the purchasing decision for new buyers. That can make it easier to tack on related and complementary products, bringing you greater revenue faster.

2. Less Pressure to Decide

Clients like options but can become overwhelmed when there are too many. Offering bundles clears the field, relieves them of this dilemma and helps you close the sale.

3. Lower Customer Costs

Bundles offer a combination of your services at a lower price than if services are chosen a la carte. When comparing your services to those of other MSPs, a lower price may motivate them to choose you.

4. Fewer Problems

Bundles are safer and cause fewer problems for clients because everything is standardized and more efficient. Having fewer problems will make your customers happier, enhance your reputation and can provide you with a distinct advantage over other MSPs.

5. Simplicity

Bundles contribute to an easy-to-navigate and efficient sales process. They allow clients to choose between a few different packages rather than choosing a wide variety of items and services, which is much more convenient and saves time.

6. Enhanced Customer Experience

Easy, cost-effective bundles help boost your customer experience. You can regularly update your packages to better meet your clients’ needs. And when your customers feel taken care of, their trust in you as a service provider grows.

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