An MSSP Expert on the Three Main Ways SOAR Can Support MSSPs

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My name is Alfonso Dieguez. My career in cybersecurity spans over a decade, during which I've gained extensive experience with MSSPs.

I've held impactful roles at companies like Tech Data, McAfee, Kaspersky Lab, and Deep Instinct, honing my skills in sales planning, product familiarity, and managing MSSPs and enterprise sales.

I chose to shift my focus to SOAR because I saw an opportunity to make a significant impact within the MSSP community. MSSPs have been playing, and will continue to play, a key role in helping businesses protect themselves from cyber threats. They are the lifeline for hundreds of thousands of companies on whether they can survive a cybersecurity attack.

MSSPs take great pride in being security experts and trusted advisors to their clients. On top of protecting their infrastructures, they spend countless hours researching best-of-breed technologies to improve their offering's efficacy, automation, and time to respond to actionable threats.

Having spent considerable time working with MSSPs, I've distilled three SOAR features that in my perspective, play the most pivotal roles in their growth and profitability:

Multitenancy: The Backbone of Operational Efficiency and Data Security

MSSPs handle sensitive data from various clients, and it's paramount that this data is segregated effectively to avoid any cross-contamination. Ensuring data security and operational privacy is vital in establishing and maintaining trust with clients. Moreover, multitenancy allows MSSPs to centralize operations. This means that they can reuse non-client-specific elements like playbooks, integrations, and custom utility commands across our entire client base. It facilitates the proficient allocation and utilization of resources across various client portfolios.

Scalability: A Must-Have for Growing MSSPs

As an MSSP grows, so does its need for additional resources. SOAR is a great force multiplier for MSSPs, but it is truly effective only when it can manage complex playbooks and handle substantial data loads without compromising performance or service quality.

Kubernetes-driven containerization is needed to make that happen. In a high-pressure, high-volume security alert situation, Kubernetes aids in dynamically allocating and adjusting system resources to meet the demand, ensuring seamless system performance and swift response times, regardless of the load.

Tech Integrations: For Robust and Future-Proof SecOps

The third aspect that I consider essential in a SOAR platform is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of security and IT tool categories. These include, but are not limited to, threat intelligence platforms, SIEM, EDR, XDR, and identity and access management systems.

A well-integrated SOAR solution should have functional and reliable integrations across all these categories, enabling clients to get the specific information they need for effective incident response.

Centralizing data from all these diverse sources enables comprehensive visibility across the entire security infrastructure. This unified visibility significantly improves the ability to detect threats and shortens response times.

Having a platform that readily integrates with new tools also helps you prevent vendor lock-in. You can pick and choose tools using a best-of-breed approach that best suits your specific needs, future-proofing your cybersecurity posture.

Learn More About D3 Security

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